Corporate Social Responsibility

28 July 2017

August to September Corporate Social Responsibility

Edgars Stores has been dressing Zimbabweans for over 70 years. In that time, we have cultivated a culture in our organization that is committed not only to providing quality and trendy fashion, but a culture committed to advancing the common good in our community. Today, this has become the cornerstone of who we are as an organization. The business is focused on improving not just the image but the lives of our clients, their families and their communities at large. We have embraced the responsibilities we bear, the part we ...
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7 July 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The Club has grown into a household magazine loved by many for its content which is always trendy and interesting. It also has a popular section, the Cash Challenge Competition where lucky Club members walk away with cash prizes that can make a difference in one’s life in this harsh economic situation. The Edgars Social Corporate Responsibility team have gone a step further in the Zimbabwean community by making a provision to develop rural schools of the winners’ choice ten times the value of the amount won. It is always ...
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29 May 2017

Mamutse Primary School and Chimedza Primary School

“Many hands make light work” Tanzanian Proverb It’s true, when people combine their effort, the load becomes lighter. In realising the dream of the development of rural Zimbabwe, Edgars Stores has embarked on working with the schools to improve the learning conditions in the rural areas. Winners of the popular Cash Challenge Competition get to pick a rural school of their liking that will receive a donation ten times as much as their winnings. Over the years, schools have completed buildings, erected fences and some have invested in boreholes that have ...
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1 February 2017

Manama Primary School and Manyene (HolyCross) Secondary

experiences with the Edgars brand in the communities where we operate. The Cash Challenge competition is one initiative that has gained popularity with Club members and the community at large as it has resulted in the development of rural schools around the country. This notion of giving back to the community is an important part of our culture —and it’s an equally important part of our future. Manyene (HolyCross) Secondary wrote to us after receiving donations worth $5000, thanks to one Cash Challenge winner. The school was able to realise its ...
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3 January 2017

January Note

Edgars Stores always strives to give back to the Zimbabwean community through various projects, one of which is the Club Cash Challenge. Winners of this competition are have the privilege of selecting a rural school that will benefit ten times the value of their individual winnings. This program has resulted in the development of a number of rural schools throughout the country. Two schools wrote to us after having received donations from Edgars that upgraded the learning facilities for their students. Gwarava Primary School in the Mberengwa district was selected ...
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1 November 2016

Madlelenyoni & Samlodi Primary Schools

Rural schools in Zimbabwe have, over the past 2 years, benefitted immensely from the Club Cash Challenge donations. While the lucky individual winner walks away with a cash prize, the real impact of the competition is in the donations that are made to a rural school of the winner’s choice. These donations contribute to the development of the school in areas of infrastructure and equipment. Recently, we received letters from two schools that received donations thanks to the Club Cash Challenge. The winner of the Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 ...
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4 February 2016

Edgars Staff during the street cleaning exercise in Bulawayo

Entembeni and Ekuphumuleni Staff receiving clothing donations from Edgars. Edgars donations to a Grand mother who looks after her orphaned grandchildren in Gweru
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7 December 2015

Feb-Mar Club CSR Motion Mutumwa

In October this year, Danmore Chuma, a community volunteer and Edgars Club member, approached Edgars Club on behalf of a child in Chiweshe with a medical appeal. Motion Mutumwa, a grade 6 pupil at Bare Primary School, needed to undergo surgery for a hard tumour swollen in his nose. The problem developed about four years ago, but Motion had not received medical assistance as his parents were unable to raise the necessary funds for the operation. Seeing Edgars role in Corporate Social Responsibility, and being a beneficiary ...
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4 December 2015

Edgars Be a Hero

Edgars – Be a Hero, Donate a denim, buy 1 and get 1 free In August this year, Edgars ran a unique promotion across our 28 branches were we requested ...
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3 December 2015


Edgars Stores continues to strive to enrich the lives of our community members through the various CSR initiatives that we undertake. In 2014, Edgars sponsored the participation of one such member, Sinqobile Ndlovu, in the Moremi Initiative Women Leadership Development programme. Sinqobile had been identified as being one of the outstanding, emerging young female leaders in Africa. We were privileged to hear back from her recently regarding her experience, and the ways in which the programme enriched her. Sinqobile writes: Through Edgars sponsorship which enabled my participation in the ...
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