Corporate Social Responsibility

1 March 2019

For the love of the heart....

Edgars Stores Limited believes there are so many ways to get involved in our local and global communities. We are always inspired by other organisations and corporate entities that put their heart in the various projects that they run. Beginning of this ...
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1 February 2019

 Horses Assist Healing Children with Disabilities

Have you ever imagined that there is more to a horse than riding it for sport or recreational purposes? Horse riding always sounds like a perfect weekend getaway activity - right? Well, it is, and unbeknown to many, horses are remarkable for people with disabilities and illnesses. Horses are deemed as great therapeutic partners as they can mirror and respond to human behaviour. “Horses respond within the same spectrum of physical and emotional responses that govern their behaviour allowing insight into the inner psychology of the client” highlights Joshua Thaisen  global ...
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2 January 2019

Climate Change Kokolombeni

For a healthier, happier enviroment!!! At the wake of apparent effects of climate change, we have realised that there are countless ways to improve and protect our environment to change the world for the better. In partnership with Zimbabwe Climate Change Coalition, Edgars Stores, Ministry Primary and Secondary Education; and Nyaradzo Friends of the Environment coordinated the Schools Climate Change Awareness and Education Campaign that was held in Bubi District in Matabeleland North at Kokolombeni Primary School. We are driven by the desire to encourage and ensure the active participation of the ...
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20 December 2018

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is……… a little cheer ahead of time

We wish if we could go back to the simplicity of Christmas days in the 1980s. When cassettes were still a thing and rice, chicken ,coke as well as moving ...
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17 September 2018

The Triple Effect

The Triple Effect Giving back to the community is more than just charity, it is a way of improving the quality and dignity of people’s lives in many ways. Everything you give will be useful to someone somewhere and will help beyond measure. As The Edgars Group we embarked on double acts of kindness where we supported two different institutions with specific needs. House Project Providing housing incentives is a recruitment tool that attracts and retains teachers with proponents saying teachers are happier and communities are stronger when educators are enabled to live ...
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31 August 2018

Ploughing Into the Future

We are eager to participate in sustainable initiatives. As Edgars we are driven by the belief that investing in people is a reality that works in eradicating poverty. At group level, we continue partnering with different rural schools across the ...
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30 June 2018

Transforming through Clean Water

For a rural Zimbabwean child of school going age, fetching water is one of the daily core house chores which can be time consuming and exhausting. Access to water is synonymous with struggle, and this will leave one grateful for ...
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1 May 2018

Going Green

With the rapid change in global climatic conditions, The Edgar’s group believes we have a critical role to play towards more sustainable and eco-friendly business practises. We have cut the amount of paper trail in all our business operations and ...
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9 March 2018

Going green…..

With the rapid change in global climatic conditions, The Edgar’s group believes we have a critical role to play towards more sustainable and eco-friendly business practises. We have cut the ...
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21 February 2018

Chibhala Primary School

Sowing back into the community is a reality that works in eradicating poverty and empowering a community. It is always amazing to work with people who have the same vision and put themselves out there to help in whatever way ...
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