26 September 2018

Making Travel a Million Times Easier!

By Farirai Macheka Planning to travel? The temptation to move with your entire closet, library and shoe rack is incredibly high but let`s be real, you don`t need everything you stash in your bag. We love living in the easy and ...
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19 September 2018

Diaries of a Travelling Bag

By Farirai Macheka Wrestling with the handles for them to retract? Seams are getting undone, and the zippers are broken? As if that`s not all, the bag looks like a one trip’s throw away. Your bag woes sound like a script from a Nigerian sad love story-right? Newsflash!!You are long overdue for new travelling bags. We all need durable, quality luggage bags that are practical and reasonably priced. We are not talking Louis Vuitton, but it`s time you get a luggage bag that will stand the test of time. Here are ...
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12 September 2018

Summer Trends for Me

By Vimbai Lole Finally, after a dreadfully cold winter, it looks like we are now full swing in summer. It is time to pack away all the dark heavy fabrics and ready ourselves for the sun to bathe every inch of our skin in its rays. Lads, here are some trends to look out for in summer.  Vertical Stripes Stripes have stood the test of time. They are officially a classic. They are not going anywhere and you might as well use them to your advantage. While horizontal stripes tend to cut off ...
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5 September 2018

Print Power

By Farirai Macheka We couldn’t just wait to get our summer looks out of our closet. There is a lot to look forward to this season, style, fabric and print wise. It’s the fun season of bright colours- so you need to be loud and proud. We are keeping an eye on the must have summer prints and give you insight into the key prints for this season. Beach treat You have been dying to show off that summer body and there is no better way of doing it than surfing your way ...
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29 August 2018

Back to School Preps

By Farirai Macheka So it`s that time of the year again when we say “adieu” (goodbye) to the holidays and hello summer school term. Preparation for back to school can be overwhelming at times, with all the queues in uniform shops, ...
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22 August 2018

Beauty Hacks Every Make up Enthusiast Should Know!

Farirai Macheka We love to look good and trust us, we are still trying to get over Kylie Jenner making it to the billionaire’s list practically overnight through her make-up brand which is barely 5 years old. Anything that makes our ...
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15 August 2018

Levelling Up Your Shoe Game

By Farirai Macheka So the first thing we notice about a man are his shoes. Your shoes are the windows to your style sense. While your clothes are a major part of how you present yourself, your shoes are just as important. Nailing your shoe choice is crucial in ensuring you project the right image. We rounded up super essential shoes that will elevate your look and help you score extra points with the ladies. Oxford shoes Not all shoes are created equal but oxford shoes reign supreme. They serve as that to ...
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8 August 2018

Stepping into Summer Head First!

By Farirai Macheka We are shedding our summer layers and stepping into summer head first. Newsflash, headgear is taking centre stage. If you are looking for ways to turn heads this is it.  We are talking Baker Boy Hats, boater hats, wide brimmed straw hats and many more. Call us your style elves. Whether you are a seasoned headwear collector or you are a newbie, if you are thinking of beefing or starting your headgear collection, the summer greeting is inject trendy, stylish, chic to your outfit with headwear. If you ...
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1 August 2018

Pillow talk…

By Farirai Macheka It`s second nature to just grab and go without factoring in a lot of considerations when buying pillows. We spend a third of our life sleeping so it is very important to choose the right pillow to ensure peaceful and restful sleep. We are in constant pursuit for a good night sleep and a good pillow is the best route there. When you are buying bedding pillows, you need to keep in mind the purpose of the pillow. For bedding pillows it transcends beyond decorative purposes, comfort and ...
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25 July 2018

Knitwear Republic: Maintenance Tips

By Farirai Macheka With trends/designs evolving each season, knitwear has been a wardrobe staple that has proved its staying power. Knitwear has been a popular essential for layering, keeping you warm and elevating your personal style. To continue sporting your favourite knits for the next chilly seasons we have rounded up some easy ways of maintaining your knit sweaters.   First Step We are waving goodbye to the chilly cold season (happy dance). With the winter season thawing, making way for summer there is need to wash your knits before you retire them. Due ...
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