25 July 2018

Knitwear Republic: Maintenance Tips

By Farirai Macheka With trends/designs evolving each season, knitwear has been a wardrobe staple that has proved its staying power. Knitwear has been a popular essential for layering, keeping you warm and elevating your personal style. To continue sporting your favourite knits for the next chilly seasons we have rounded up some easy ways of maintaining your knit sweaters.   First Step We are waving goodbye to the chilly cold season (happy dance). With the winter season thawing, making way for summer there is need to wash your knits before you retire them. Due ...
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18 July 2018

Pop that Colour this Winter

By Rutendo Chidawanyika The winter season begins and suddenly all bright colour clothes are pushed to the back of the closet. Who ever said winter was all about navy, black and different shades of brown, has no idea what they are missing out on. For years winter has been looked upon as a bleak season in terms of the colour it brings, but thanks to fashion trends we can add some colour to our winter wardrobe. There is no rule of wearing or not wearing colour in the cold season. Do ...
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11 July 2018

Steps to Healthy Skin This Winter

By Rutendo Chidawanyika Biting winds, freezing temperatures, and dry indoor heaters are a recipe for dry skin. Once winter season hits, your skin stops producing as much moisture, so it’s important to maintain your skin’s natural moisture. When you wake up try these tips to maintain your glow:      Step 1 - CLEANSE Switching to a non-foaming, cream-based, or oil cleanser will help moisturize your skin and replenish its natural oil. When buying your cleanser, look out for these key ingredients: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. All of these ingredients work to bind water ...
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4 July 2018

Style Trend That is Not Taking A Break: Athleisure

By Farirai Macheka From the gym to high end fashion streets, athleisure is making a stylish statement that cannot be ignored. If you haven`t hopped on to the bandwagon, we will give you reasons to embrace and own the trend. Athleisure has been inspired by celebs who have gone that extra mile of endorsing the style by coming up with their own Athleisure brands. Contrary to popular belief, it is no longer relegated to athletic dress code only, and has defied the norm. Some Basic rules about wearing active wear Dos •     ...
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26 June 2018

Gym Etiquette

By Farirai Macheka Congratulations if you are one of those men who are consistently and religiously going to the gym .Some are still summoning the Herculean courage and strength to go to the gym. There are certain work out habits that can derail your exercise if they are not adhered to. We have rounded up some gym basic do’s and don’ts to ensure you are not one of those people who gets that questionable look or side eye when you step into the gym..         Sliders or flips flops.   After a rigorous workout you ...
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20 June 2018

Fashion Rules You Shouldn't De Breaking

By Farirai Macheka Take a seat and let us lay down the rules. Some say rules are meant to be broken but these ones are supposed to be adhered to at all cost. We have embraced you spotting the Bantu locks to work ...
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13 June 2018

The Ultimate Winter Menswear Guide PART 2

Rumbidzai Dzimba We continue with our focus on men this season and this week we’ll go through key accessories to prep up your outfit and keep you warm this season as well as guide you through purchasing a winter coat. Accessories are no longer viewed as a nice to have but are must haves that when put together correctly will make you look sharp. Below is a list of accessories you can go for and basics to always have ready this season.     Image Courtesy of Pixabay Hats Invest in a stylish winter hat to keep your ...
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6 June 2018

The Ultimate Winter Menswear Guide PART 1

By Rumbidzai Dzimba So here we are, temperatures dropping daily and in that state of almost kicking the alarm clock to shut it off. The nights are definitely becoming shorter – ‘sigh’. Winter is upon us and this call for us to put on our warmer clothes and bring out those woolly, thick cotton accessories such as scarfs, beanies and so forth. So what’s hot this winter for men? There’s plenty really, with the fashion scene over the past decade growing more interesting for men, the choices are fairly wider with interesting styles, ...
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23 May 2018

Must Have Handbag Winter Accessories

By Farirai Macheka What’s in your handbag right now? Credit Card? Check. National ID?? And we can see you giving us a smart mouth response “Of course it’s a must, who wouldn’t carry that”. Tampons? Mmmm oooh well… Women' bags come in all shapes, colours and sizes and they are carriers of all sorts. Yes you heard us right. So with the transition in weather you need to update you handbags with these essentials you will thank us later   Tissues We swear by our neatness addict colleague (who shall remain anonymous) that we do not suffer ...
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16 May 2018

80s Fashion Trends That Are Making a Comeback in a Huge Way

By Farirai Macheka We all want to bury our past, but when it comes to 80’s fashion trends, then you need to rethink this.  Fashion trends for the past several decades ...
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