19 March 2019


By Marshall Malikula An acne break out can be so adverse and can dent one’s confidence enough to cause social anxiety. Acne can be totally devastating especially for adolescents and can result in bullying and low self esteem.  TIPS 1- Avoid Dryness - Conventional acne treatments can cause dryness, redness and irritation. If you’re using prescription products, try using them every other day to avoid excess drying that is; skip a day after use. The alternate days use a very gentle cleanser and a moisturizer for your skin type. This will help balance ...
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13 March 2019

Natural Hair Tips

By Rumbi Dzimba As a modern, young and ‘trendy’ woman, I find myself frequently on the market looking for products to update my hairstyles. Be it I’m wearing it brush cut, short cropped or shoulder length, over the years I have found it important to keep my hair in check to ensure it remains healthy and beautiful and thus easy to manage. Being of African descent, my hair tends to take a bit of extra effort but the results are always worth it. I’ll share a few key tips which if you ...
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6 March 2019

Natural Skin Care Tips

By Rumbi Dzimba This season we are going to talk about all natural and affordable tips on how to look after your skin and hair. These tips are very simple, affordable and work wonders. So here is a tear off article for you if you would like to have beautiful, glowing skin. Tip 1: Drink Water – yes we have heard this so many times but often times don’t do so. Why? You don’t like the taste of water.. well, we can come up with plenty of excuses why we do not ...
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27 February 2019

Injecting Some Extreme Thrill

By Farirai Macheka  Let’s face it, chocolates melt, flowers wither-and they have been overplayed. Instead of sticking to the traditional way of   celebrating the month of February, take it a notch up and find something original to do with your bae this Valentine’s Day. Clueless about how to add a twist to the most revered romantic day? Oh hey! Lucky you. That’s where we come in—your personal Valentines adventurous activity planners. We have rounded up some fun and unique activities that will keep your partner by your side.   Breakfast In bed If ...
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20 February 2019

Dressing It Up for Valentines

By Farirai Macheka This being the month of love - the last thing you need is to have that awkward date where you are overdressed or underdressed. Valentines is a perfect excuse to dress up without batting an eyelid. Whether you are going on a date with your soulmate, your friends or the date of your dreams, why not dress up? Try to look your best for that one person who makes your heart skip beats. . We have come up with some basic ground rules that will make you look ...
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13 February 2019

Make it Count

By Farirai Macheka We all know that Valentine’s Day is “The day of love,” and while the day is particularly enjoyable for couples who like to celebrate their relationship, there’s always a certain amount of stress that surrounds the day when it comes to the perfect gift selection for your loved one. There’s light at the end of this tunnel and Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the day of debt or the day of stress. The following ideas won’t break the bank and are sure to impress your loved ones. ...
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13 February 2019

Valentines Survival Guide for Singles

By Farirai Macheka For those singles bracing themselves for the dreaded day dubbed Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D) don’t despair. Whether you were thinking of relocating to a deserted island or going to mars, hold that thought? Consider this your Valentines Month survival guide. It’s what we would do, if we were single. Say yes to being your own Santa You have been eyeing those Sissy Boy leopard print heels, that PS4, Samsung latest model S9+? This is the perfect day to show some self-love. Be kind to yourself and splurge on yourself. Take ...
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23 January 2019

Gym Etiquette

By Farirai Macheka New Year!! New Goals!! Congratulations if you have successfully managed to go to the gym. There is a secret code of conduct that is totally foreign to any newcomer on what to do and not to do. Rules are not only for newbies but for bonafide gym veterans. From hogging machines, talking too much, to filling up a giant size water bottle when there is a line of people behind you, are you guilty of these gym pet peeves?  We have rounded up some gym basic do’s and ...
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16 January 2019

Decluttering the Closet…..Only the Brave Can

Farirai Macheka We all love our clothes and taming a closet full of clutter can be a fearful task. Your closet is overflowing with clothes you haven't worn since college or things you're not sure why you even bought in the ...
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9 January 2019

Uncoding Menswear Must Haves 2019

By Rumbi Dzimba We are cognisant of the fact that men have become more clued up about fashion and particular about what you wear. This is not a new phenomenon, men have been dominating the fashion scene since time immemorial but what’s new is that the trend – allows us to call it that – is now cutting across all ages, genres, races and so forth. So as we step into a brand new year, we want to start by paying ode to the guys. In this article we will focus ...
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