22 May 2019

Be a Mom to Yourself!!!!!

By Farirai Macheka  I experienced a taste of motherhood through my siblings. My mother`s  three (3)  year hiatus in some war torn  foreign land left me assuming the Deputy mum role. I found myself burnt, depleted and gasping for air. Sounds familiar? Playing deputy mom to the gang of 8 (my siblings) made me realise that being a mom is the most all-inclusive and demanding job in the history of mankind. We are changing the rules and redefining what it means to be a mum. If you are feeling completely overwhelmed ...
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15 May 2019

Self-care Tips for Busy Moms

By Farirai Macheka Pssst!! So these are the words that best describe you super mum, multitasker, the doctor, shoulder to lean on, the tutor, the list is just endless. Hey mama feeling burned out, exhausted, and craving moments to do things that you love. It`s easy to fall into the mum life routine and forget about yourself. We are calling for time out. You owe it to yourself to hit your brakes and do you. If you are in need of some time to yourself, there are several options that allow ...
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8 May 2019

Mothering styles

By Rumbie Dzimba I’ve often heard that girls grow up to be exactly like their mothers. Truth be told, some 10 years ago I would have heavily disputed that notion – but today well – I agree, to some extent. I notice my own mother’s traits especially when I wear my disciplinarian hat – otherwise on most days, I am fun(ny), playful and very involved in my daughters activities. Not saying that my mother wasn’t, but there is definitely 3 decades difference in bringing up my kids as was then. I know ...
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1 May 2019


By Marshall Malikula. Right next to diamonds, handbags are in the running for the every girl’s best friend coveted title. Handbags are nifty essentials of which I have seen some women literally crush when they lose one. Nifty as they are, one needs to be witty on when, where and how to carry one. Royals such as Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have their bag etiquette on lock down, they hardly put a foot (hand) wrong. So why not take a cue from these ladies, put some respect on it and ...
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24 April 2019

Grooming for Teens 

By Marshall Malikula Girls and boys grooming starts primarily from teenage years and it ultimately leads to refinement for a lifetime. Recently I got to interact with a mother who works as a school teacher and is an avid fan of this page. In our discussion, she alluded to challenges that she faces as a mom and teacher when it comes to giving grooming tips to her kids and students. Along with crazy hormones, they are adults BUT not quite. It’s a grey area at this juncture, confusing for both kids ...
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17 April 2019

Kids Discipline - " Angels and Monsters"

By Marshall Malikula “Tip your server, hold the door open for elders, return your shopping cart after use, pick up trash, and teach your kids that small acts can have a ripple effect. Our choices, our actions, our future” UNKNOWN As an uncle surrounded by nephews and nieces I watch in awe at the miracle of having a little one running around. Then again things can escalate really fast from the sweetest angel to a little monster. I have watched kids starting World War 3, throwing tantrums in supermarkets, and slapping other ...
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10 April 2019

Reclaim your wardrobe space

By Farirai Macheka Congratulations for finally embracing the Keto diet, making it to the gym consistently and using the Konmari plan to spring clean your closet. Kudos to you!! It’s also worth considering giving another area of your life a seasonal refresh - your kids’ closets. Yours truly has done some footwork for you, and we have come up with some easy and exciting steps that will help you purge the clutter:   Get the kids involved The first step to cleaning out the closet completely, is to get the kids involved in the ...
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3 April 2019

Mastering the Art of Layering

By Rumbie Dzimba Transition seasons are always the most difficult to dress for as the weather can change at any time during the day. The worst experiences in my books are when people dress up in boots and buttoned up melton coats just because there was a bit of grey cloud when they woke up. Well, I won’t blame you completely for your choice of clothing, cause I’m sure you’ll be kicking yourself come midday when the sun comes out full on. Rather, let me assist you with a few tricks ...
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27 March 2019

Beauty Hacks

By Rumbie Dzimba Looking for   ways to make your fragrance or lipstain last longer? We are sharing all our favorite beauty hacks that will make your routine much easier – and more exciting. These beauty hacks are our life savers.  Start taking notes! Check your makeup under different light You may not have the best light when you are applying makeup. When you get into your car, check your makeup before going anywhere. The bright outside light will help you to see any spots you may have missed. Make your eyes look larger Sweep your ...
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19 March 2019


By Marshall Malikula An acne break out can be so adverse and can dent one’s confidence enough to cause social anxiety. Acne can be totally devastating especially for adolescents and can result in bullying and low self esteem.  TIPS 1- Avoid Dryness - Conventional acne treatments can cause dryness, redness and irritation. If you’re using prescription products, try using them every other day to avoid excess drying that is; skip a day after use. The alternate days use a very gentle cleanser and a moisturizer for your skin type. This will help balance ...
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