16 July 2019

All You Need To Know About Towels

TOWEL AND LINEN BASICS The million dollar question is how often do you wash your towels? Stop guessing how often you should wash your towels, and get in the habit of washing your towels. Towels get a lot of use – the cleaner they are, ...
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9 July 2019

Creative Ways to Style Your Bed

By Farirai Macheka Well you do not need to wait for your next vacation or checking in a several thousand RTGS dollars room to have that 5 star hotel bedroom feel. ...
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3 July 2019

7 Tips On Bedding Sheets Care and Maintenance

There is nothing more exciting or refreshing than snuggling in fresh linen after a long day at work. We all want to keep experiencing that new bedding linen feeling for years to come. It is sometimes easy to forget to ...
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3 July 2019

Low Down on Buying Bedding Sheets

Double, Queen, King sized or Single bed? People tend to be hung on the size of the bed when buying bedding linen. Newsflash!! The buzz doesn't stop there. It helps to know more than size and colour. Before investing in ...
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26 June 2019

Men's Downtime Part 2

Men’s downtime part 2. The men’s month is coming to an end and we feel a befitting sendoff is to share some tips on what guys can do to get that much needed me-time. A bit of spending will be required, and ...
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19 June 2019

Men's Downtime Part 1

We continue celebrating Fathers this month of June and want to bring to the fore a subject less discussed in most circles – men’s downtime. We often take for granted the need to rest, take time out or recharge batteries if that’s what you want to call it. But it is important once in a while to take some time to yourself and evaluate goals, plans and most importantly get that much needed rest. so today, we are going to tackle the subject of men’s me-time! It is highly likely that most ...
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12 June 2019

Men's Jacket Trends 2019

A jacket may seem like a pretty straightforward and easy to buy item to most people, but nowadays there are a variety of designs and styles capped with varying fabrics and added accessories. We have taken the liberty to share the different types of men’s jackets you are likely to come across, to assist you when you decide to add one of these essentials in your wardrobe.   1. Bomber Jackets The bomber is a short jacket with a zipped front and elastic waist. This jacket style originates from the United States Air ...
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22 May 2019

Be a Mom to Yourself!!!!!

By Farirai Macheka  I experienced a taste of motherhood through my siblings. My mother`s  three (3)  year hiatus in some war torn  foreign land left me assuming the Deputy mum role. I found myself burnt, depleted and gasping for air. Sounds familiar? Playing deputy mom to the gang of 8 (my siblings) made me realise that being a mom is the most all-inclusive and demanding job in the history of mankind. We are changing the rules and redefining what it means to be a mum. If you are feeling completely overwhelmed ...
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15 May 2019

Self-care Tips for Busy Moms

By Farirai Macheka Pssst!! So these are the words that best describe you super mum, multitasker, the doctor, shoulder to lean on, the tutor, the list is just endless. Hey mama feeling burned out, exhausted, and craving moments to do things that you love. It`s easy to fall into the mum life routine and forget about yourself. We are calling for time out. You owe it to yourself to hit your brakes and do you. If you are in need of some time to yourself, there are several options that allow ...
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8 May 2019

Mothering styles

By Rumbie Dzimba I’ve often heard that girls grow up to be exactly like their mothers. Truth be told, some 10 years ago I would have heavily disputed that notion – but today well – I agree, to some extent. I notice my own mother’s traits especially when I wear my disciplinarian hat – otherwise on most days, I am fun(ny), playful and very involved in my daughters activities. Not saying that my mother wasn’t, but there is definitely 3 decades difference in bringing up my kids as was then. I know ...
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