Self-care Tips for Busy Moms

By Farirai Macheka

Pssst!! So these are the words that best describe you super mum, multitasker, the doctor, shoulder to lean on, the tutor, the list is just endless. Hey mama feeling burned out, exhausted, and craving moments to do things that you love. It`s easy to fall into the mum life routine and forget about yourself. We are calling for time out. You owe it to yourself to hit your brakes and do you. If you are in need of some time to yourself, there are several options that allow you to do you and pamper yourself as mum. Don’t feel guilty for taking time to yourself – it’s actually a good thing to recharge your batteries. And we all know, a happy mum equals a happy home.

Ask For Help
So many working moms fall into the superwoman trap, thinking you have to be in charge of everything because you are the only one who will do it right. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you have to do it all. With super mum label attached to you, sometimes you become drained and end up being a frazzled out version of yourself. The supermom syndrome is the belief that a woman can do it all. The hardest part of motherhood is asking for help and accepting it.Instead of heaping responsibilities on yourself, delegate or ask for assistance. Trying to be a super hero to the children and the whole clan will lead to you being fatigued. Ask your kids/spouse to help you. At mealtimes, small children can set the table, older ones can serve drinks and everyone can help bring plates to the table and clean up afterwards. It’s also very important to get the kids to assist as you will be equipping them with life skills.


Gracefully say no
No is the hardest word to say. Learning to say no is a crucial skill for the overburdened. You don’t have to attend every PTA meeting, every distant relative`s wedding, funeral or host your husband`s soccer loving friends, or that last minute take on additional work projects. Saying no can be tough, but it is a skill that frees up time you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Further, watching you enforce limits teaches your kids the value of setting boundaries.

A to do List
So your to do list reads like the Game of thrones script, feed the dragons, take over the Seven thrones single handedly, taking the dog to the vet, taking the kids to school, watering the garden, doing laundry for the entire family after work. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll relax once you reach the bottom of the list – there will always be something else to do.  We are not superheroes and shouldn’t try to be. Make your daily goals realistic enough to complete. Remember, you can always do more if you have the time.


Schedule Self-Care in your Calendar
You set reminders for birthdays, your child’s school consultation and set out schedules for  doctor’s appointments and work meetings, why not schedule some “me time”? Pencil it into your calendar, just like you would for any other important event. It may seem silly, but this is how you will be able to remind yourself, and hold yourself accountable, to giving yourself some alone time. You will feel real happy when you check it off.


Being a mum seems to be taken for granted and many of us are deficient of self-care. Next week we will focus on easy, fun, indulgent ideas, to pamper yourself. Get ready to do something wonderful and kind for yourself. Prepare to unwind.




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