Reclaim your wardrobe space

By Farirai Macheka

Congratulations for finally embracing the Keto diet, making it to the gym consistently and using the Konmari plan to spring clean your closet. Kudos to you!! It’s also worth considering giving another area of your life a seasonal refresh - your kids’ closets. Yours truly has done some footwork for you, and we have come up with some easy and exciting steps that will help you purge the clutter:


Get the kids involved

The first step to cleaning out the closet completely, is to get the kids involved in the decluttering process. No-one wants their stuff decluttered without their input and approval, and that includes the kids. They will help you identify clothes, try out the ones they like and actually pick ones that don’t fit anymore or they generally don’t appreciate the styling or fabric. In addition, this will also teach them life lessons about the process of decluttering and the positive results it can have. Rope your kids in regardless of the age – you will be surprised at the results.

Prep Talk

Honestly your child would rather be watching Princess Sophia or PJ Masks rather than be in that room. So, before you label the boxes ‘donate’ or ‘throw away’, you need to talk to them about the power of giving away or donating. It’s all about the benefits. Kids will jump in to help if they know and understand the benefits and/or gain from the process.



To avoid mixing up clothes you need boxes labelled donate, throw away and recycle. For anything that you will be moving out of your child’s bedroom put the items in their respective boxes. Get rid of as much as you can.


A day at a time 

Organising closets is a major chore, there is need to set time frames. Spend at least an entire day in each of your kids’ rooms. Going through everything, one bag, one tiny bin, bookshelf, and drawer at a time. Decide on what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away as trash. We recommend you tackle the task shelf by shelf. Starting with the clothes on the hangers, to the top shelf, right down to the bottom shelves. To ensure that order is maintained you need to dedicate a shelf for specific clothing items e.g. shorts and tees can sit on one shelf while sweat pants sit on another and so forth. 


Be in touch with the inner child in you

To make the process more exciting before you label the boxes, donate and giveaway stuff. Ensure you make the process as fun as possible by coming up with creative exciting games that will make the process enjoyable. That way your kids will look forward to decluttering their closet. Motivate the kids according to their personalities. Pick music that appeals to the different age groups. If you want something like your five year old`s “favourite forgotten” toy to make it to the trash box you can remix kids nursery rhymes to help the kids identify stuff that needs to be thrown away and also make the process bearable for them. 

Kids mirror their parents.
You need to lead by example, walk the talk. Kids tend to imitate or model their parents’ behaviour. Do you kick off your shoes and leave them lying around in the corridor, or leave your handbag lying around on the kitchen table? A seemingly small and insignificant action or task such as how you put away your car keys after a long day at work, can impact your kids behaviour. In short, the key to ensuring that the little people keep your home as tidy as you want, is for you to walk the talk.


Finally, after clearing all the clutter out of your children’s` bedroom, don't hold onto anything. Make sure you completely finish the decluttering process by getting the stuff out of your house either to donate, recycle or throw away.



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