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12 December 2019

7 Cardinal Rules for an Office Party

By Farirai Macheka   We all enjoy the occasional drink as well as pomp and fanfare that comes with an annual holiday gathering. Many a time though, we’ve seen people tossing their manners down the dumpster all in the name of an ...
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4 December 2019

6 Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

By Farirai Macheka   Getting someone a Christmas gift can be a daunting task. In the Christmas spirit we have rounded up some amazing gift ideas that will make buying prezzy`s a breeze. Consider us as Santa`s little helpers. This is your ...
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21 November 2019

6 Crazy Fun Facts You Need To Know About Perfumes

By Farirai Macheka Smelling great is a must! Typically, you will go to the ends of the earth just to make sure fabulous scents are radiating from you. We are all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of splurging and owning perfumes. Worse still, there are those earth-shattering moments when someone ‘dunks’ themselves in your expensive high-end scent. Before you overindulge on your favourite perfume here are some facts you need to know about fragrances. Photo by Rebecca Wiggins on Unsplash Smells differently Ever wondered why Tom Ford or La vie est Belle ...
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13 November 2019

Coolest summer skin care tips

By Farirai Macheka As the temperatures soar, summer brings with it fantasies of magical glow from your brows to your feet. This radiant glow however, can only be achieved if you make sure that your skin is protected all summer long. Get ready to face the rays with these summer skin care tips: Photo by Leo Moko on Unsplash Drink lots of water The key word is “hydrate”. As you sip fruit juices, cocktails, daiquiris and all those other alcoholic beverages we love, make sure to drink lots of water. Drink at least (2) ...
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6 November 2019

6 Must Have Make Up Products Every Beginner Should Own

Makeup is undeniably powerful with thousands of tutorials trending on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. As a beginner it can be a daunting task just to draw the perfect brow or apply blush without looking like a circus clown, let alone know the products that help create beauty looks that you will love. Our assumption is you already own eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick/stain and foundation. Well - here is a fool proof guide that will assist you in splurging on the products that most people tend to overlook: Photo by Rebecca Wiggins ...
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23 October 2019

Dare to bare ( Chic Ways to show a little skin)

By Farirai Macheka   The skin season is finally here, Ooops we mean the summer season! Skin is in and it’s hard to resist the urge to flaunt a bit of it this season. Guess we are speaking for everybody. We have rounded up ways to reinvent risqué summer clothing into office appropriate ensembles. Here are ways to show a bit of skin without baring it all.     Crop Tops  Crop tops are showing no signs of slowing down this season, and they are popping up everywhere. Are you are itching to wear your ...
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15 October 2019

Undeniably Chic Summer Skirts That Are Taking Over This Season

By Farirai Macheka If rocking skirts was a determiner for marriage, I’m convinced I would be the quintessential old unmarried aunt. I am a bonafide member of the denim pants- jogger pants club. The summer season has me thinking otherwise though. There is something undeniably chic about rocking skirts and I’m literally head over heels in love with my latest finds in the skirt department. Meet the summer skirts that have been given the seal by fashion fiends and I know you will definitely love them: The Mesh Skirt  They call it the ...
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9 October 2019

6 Ways To Wear A Pop Of Colour This Season

By Farirai Macheka   Summer is all about bright colours and sunny skies so why not add a little extra sunshine to your outfits. Infusing colour to your outfit is one of the easiest trends to pull off and it can make you look fashionable in a snap.   This season we are shaking things up by adding bright accents and colours, so we look trendy and voguish. We have rounded up best ways to incorporate colour, so hop on board and bid adieu to main stream colours.   Shoes Some of us belong to ...
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1 October 2019

7 Coolest Colors To Rock This Season!

If you feel like your black and white outfit is lacking something, it`s probably colour. This season it`s all about being bold and daring when it comes to trying on different hues. The fashion gods have spoken, and this is the season to show great opulence when it comes to colour. So, let’s give some attention to various colour palettes before getting into the fashion trends. These are the undeniably sunny colours that deserve a place in your wardrobe this summer.   Yellow Forget just mellow yellow, next season you will be sunnier ...
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24 September 2019

6 Ways to Dress Up Your Kid Better Than You

By Farirai Macheka Summer is officially upon us and we are so excited about the sunshine. One of our favourite things is the outdoors and your kids definitely enjoy it too. To keep your kids running, climbing and jumping around make sure that they are appropriately dressed for the weather. Grab a glass of wine and check out these essential summer tips that you and your kids will love. Wet Shoes Kids love to go bare foot in summer and they love wading in water. In hot summers where you crave for breathable ...
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