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24 December 2018

Black Tie Event Demystified

By Farirai Macheka You might already be in party mode and we bet our last dollar that you have outfits planned for the many events and parties you’ll be attending this festive season. Or like some of us you are clueless ...
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20 December 2018

Dear Santa all I want for Christmas is……… a little cheer ahead of time

We wish if we could go back to the simplicity of Christmas days in the 1980s. When cassettes were still a thing and rice, chicken ,coke as well as moving ...
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28 November 2018

Yellow Bone Craze- 50 Shades Lighter

By Farirai Macheka We have all heard about the miraculous powers of ultra-expensive or cheap potions and lotions that transform one into a 'Yellow Bone’. Growing up Zimbabwean meant bathing routines consisted of rigorous scrubbing with a stone to scrub off the 'dirt' and an adult relative encouraging you to scrub more (Mugotsvuka/Libebabomvu) or to achieve that light skin tone. Bless our souls. Fast forward to the millennials, light skin is trending and there is a quick fix to getting a lighter skin tone, but at what cost? Products used To the bleaching ...
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21 November 2018

Black Friday Why Not?

By Farirai Macheka Sale!! Discounts!! Sale!! We all know that Black Friday isn’t cousins with Friday the 13th right? The countdown to Black Friday is like waiting for a lifetime. We would liken it to waiting for that marriage proposal from your partner of over a decade. To some of us, it`s like that well deserved thank you for being an amazing shopper. The shopping phenomenon has spread from the United States and is now a highly anticipated event the world over. Taking a leaf from our neighbour South Africa which ...
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13 November 2018

No Shave Movember 

By Farirai Macheka  It`s official the Movember - No facial beard shave November season is upon us. Sign up into November with your beard and moustache.  It`s still on trend and it`s the most authentic accessory any man can sport. We are still gasping for breath after pioneers of the Kupe challenge  broke the internet.  It was more than their dance moves - their beard game was on point. Sometimes a look just isn’t complete without a fully grown beard. ‘Movember’ is the only month that you are bonafide to let ...
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7 November 2018

Fengshui Guidelines on Handbag Buying!

By Jane Gavera From totes to clutches, I have a hard time choosing - all I know is that I got to have them all. We all have a weakness or two and mine happens to be a serious sweet tooth (and it won’t come loose) a glass (or two) of red wine, and fabulous designer handbags. Talk about confessions-of- a-chic-hobo. Rather it’s a fetishistic love of high end handbags that would probably require decades of counselling /Psycho analysis to detox of them. It’s hard not to crave a new handbag ...
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30 October 2018

Dressing It Up: Part 2

By Farirai Macheka Do you know what gets us excited? Stylish designer dresses. In this sweltering heat it`s all about getting noticed. Step up your style game this season and check out our favourite dresses to spirit  away this summer. We have rounded up our must have dresses to wear, while sipping some red wine at brunch or getting ready for your next Instagram picture. Skate it out  We could not have imagined anything better to wear than a skater dress.  A skater dress is a definition of what it means to be ...
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24 October 2018

All About the Special Dresses: Part 1

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a dress, and there are certain dresses every woman should own, in my opinion. Now, don’t get me wrong; if I had a choice, I’d wear jeans over a dress any day and every day. Yet, I’ve learned that dresses are essential for moments you may not even realize. For all these reasons and more, there are certain occasions were a woman should strut her stuff in a dress. All about the colour LBD Ladies, we all know the most important dress of all dresses every woman ...
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17 October 2018

Statement Sleeves Stealing The Spotlight

BY FARIRAI MACHEKA  You can’t blame us for being super excited about the summer season!!! Trends from the past era are making a comeback with a vengeance and a slight update to give them that modern, millennial look. It’s all about the statement sleeves. Statement sleeves or Theatre Sleeves are having a moment and they have hogged the limelight this 2018. There is no better way of stepping into the summer season than adding this style into your core wardrobe. There are a plethora of theatre sleeves to pick up from ...
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10 October 2018

Loud and Roaring-Life on the Tee Lane

By Farirai Macheka Fashion boundaries are a thing of the past and it`s about getting noticed.  Everywhere you look there is definitely a fashionista rocking a tee. T-shirts are a staple of our everyday wardrobe probably because of how incredibly versatile ...
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