August to September Corporate Social Responsibility

28 July 2017

Edgars Stores has been dressing Zimbabweans for over 70 years. In that time, we have cultivated a culture in our organization that is committed not only to providing quality and trendy fashion, but a culture committed to advancing the common good in our community. Today, this has become the cornerstone of who we are as an organization. The business is focused on improving not just the image but the lives of our clients, their families and their communities at large. We have embraced the responsibilities we bear, the part we play and the value we contribute in the goal to see the Zimbabwe we want. To this end, we have attended to a number of the donation requests received by our CSR department.



Donation 1 - Multiple Therapy Victoria Falls is an organization which looks after H.I.V infected people. We sent merchandise for donation and the manager for Edgars Victoria Falls presented the items at their centre in Victoria Falls Town. 




Donation 2 - Entembeni Old People’s Home is a community funded charity with has 13 females and 44 males. It has been in operation as a community funded home since 1992. It has 15 voluntary workers. As the weather turned chilly, Edgars donated blankets and clothes to Entembeni. 



Donation 3 - Scripture Union Chiedza Street Children Project is a project for children living on the streets of Masvingo. There are 72 children who visit the contact centre daily for a bath and a meal. Edgars donated mealie-meal, beans and kapenta fish to the project. The donation was presented at Edgars Masvingo by the manager and staff of the branch. 



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