26 July 2017

By Sharron Mungazi

Over the years, man’s fashion trends seem to become more and more daring. This year being no exception, the trends have evolved so as to keep the most stylish and adventurous men satisfied. Keeping in mind the good old fashion rule - mixing the old with new, you can always stay true to your style. And yes, your style reflects your personality (well at least some of it). If you are looking to expand your style adventures, here are some trends that may be worth trying this winter.

Gentlemen’s Soft Hues

The modern man like to experiment - neutral toned palettes and even bolder prints. And neutral toned colours are here to stay this winter. In clothing and fashion, neutral colours are those that blend well with other colours and don’t necessarily stand out on their own hence the term ‘neutral.’ The most common colours during this winter season are grey and nude (think of your advanced version of Khaki).   These neutral colours are seasonless options and have a certain subtle masculine undercurrent running through them.  Darker neutrals like grey continue to bring out a kind of rugged edge for tailored clothing.To experiment more with this trend, try opting for neutral toned colours on your winter coats and always remember to have fun with it by adding that personal touch to it - a printed scarf will do the trick.

V-neck Sweaters
V-neck sweaters may be the oldest and classic men’s wear item on the market right now. With most stylists, over the years, this trend may have fallen out favour because somehow it had become a boring wardrobe staple. This winter sweaters are back with a twist and it’s time to embrace them. Trying experimenting with the knit version of the V-neck and to have more fun with it, try the bold prints that stand out on their own.

Statement Bomber Jackets
Yes the good old bomber Jacket is back. Isn’t it funny how most of the fashion trends we love today were once a hit years ago? Influenced by workwear, the bomber jacket’s popularity exploded in the 80’s as it was featured in hit films of the decade. It is amazing to think about how greatly fashion has been influenced by workwear or purely functional garments. Most influential clothing might not have started out as ‘fashionable,’ but sometimes happy aesthetic accidents can occur. And as we know with trends, sometimes things just catch on. This classic trend is constantly recognisable for most fashionistas and it’s also back with a twist. Black and navy bombers featured in the past few years are now trending in more vivid and bolder shades. Olive green being the most dominant colour this winter. Try it!

Crochet Ties
Fashionable menswear is not always about sharp tailoring and sophisticated styling. Sometimes, the best looks are the ones that embrace a little bit of fun.  Crochet ties are a big hit this season. I believe this is a refreshing departure from the good old silk styles as the knitted designs appear to be more eye catching. To wear one yourself, partner it with a pair of trousers and a button up shirt.
From experimenting with soft hues to trying out the more daring crochet ties, man’s winter fashion trends this 2017 have become more interesting. It’s no longer about subtle style but rather a more daring and adventurous style. This will definitely make men’s fashion this winter much more fun.
• Sharron Mungazi is Fashion and Lifestyle blogger. She is the founder and author of the blog, Deffinatlyshaz. You can discover more of her fashion and lifestyle advice on




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