14 June 2017

By Marshall Malikula

It is of essence that modern dads stay up to speed with their millennial offspring. Millennials have hyper advanced ‘uncool dad’ detectors which go off on first sight. These modern kids require dads to be practical but dapper because whatever you wear as a dad has an effect on your children’s social standing and self-esteem. Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and personalities, but whatever you do, there’s a fine line between trying too hard and being dorky. Being a cool dad is easy, see here cool dad starter pack according to our stylist.

1 – White dress shirt
No one can afford not to have a white dress shirt in their wardrobe. A crisp white shirt is versatile and never goes out of style. It looks good with everything, from chinos, denim, shorts and suit pants. A good white shirt can take you from day to night time. Be wary of over wearing it. Once it’s beginning to yellow it certainly means it has seen its fair share of days and needs a replacement.

2 – A dark suit
All men must have a well-structured classic suit in black or grey. It does not matter whether your life style is casual or not. We all need a good suit, either for an interview, wedding or funeral. It’s rather appalling when someone rocks up at a wedding in a soccer jersey and jeans. Owning a suit is a non-negotiable, trust me you will be glad you have one when the need arises. Great thing about suits, you can either dress up or down. Suit jackets work well with dress shirts and jeans, cross it over and voila…you are in style!

3 – Khakis
Another great staple for any decent wardrobe is the chino. Chinos are the middle ground between formal and casual. These too can be dressed up or down for a contemporary cross over look. Chinos originally came in the khaki colour but now include countless hues, including stone, mocha, taupe, mustard, navy and berry shades. Chinos come in different silhouettes, in pleated and flat front fits, therefore pick one according to the shape of your body. It’s pertinent, that you get the right fit, get measured by a professional if that’s what it takes.

4 – Denim
Wrong pair of jeans can turn out to be a complete disaster. Guys with lean bodies are suited to slim or regular fit. Heavier guys should look for a more relaxed fit, with a wide leg. When buying jeans get the right fit for your body. Ensure crotch and waist areas are not too tight. Look for comfort, check if your new jeans can handle your wallet and keys. To avoid disappointment try denims with shoes and belts your wear most often before you leave the store. Always ensure your jeans look good with trainers, boots or dress shoes.

5 – Basic T
This is a must have basic which is very practical. It is a great and essential piece for layering. Crew necks look good on everyone, however if you feel your neck is shorter and you would like to give an illusion of length go for a V neck. Find one that fits your body, a size that literally hugs your body and is not tight as if it’s second skin. It’s perfect when worn under a sports jacket or on its own. For the perfect Friday look, simply pair it with your blazer, denim and simple plain white sneakers. This look will take you from the office to drinks later on.

6 – Minimalist Sneakers
These work with everything whether you are a minimalist or high fashion kind of guy.  Every guy needs a pair of understated sneakers. They are perfect for the office, the bar and the weekend. Due to their minimalist aesthetic, these can easily be worn with your bright colours, neutral tones, jeans, shorts and for the style savvy even great with a suit.




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