Mamutse Primary School and Chimedza Primary School

“Many hands make light work” Tanzanian Proverb

It’s true, when people combine their effort, the load becomes lighter. In realising the dream of the development of rural Zimbabwe, Edgars Stores has embarked on working with the schools to improve the learning conditions in the rural areas. Winners of the popular Cash Challenge Competition get to pick a rural school of their liking that will receive a donation ten times as much as their winnings. Over the years, schools have completed buildings, erected fences and some have invested in boreholes that have improved access to clean water for pupils and staff. We share these letters of gratitude from beneficiaries so as to encourage our valued customers that continue to support the Club magazine by faithfully subscribing to it and participating in the competitions it runs. Here are two letters from the school heads of Mamutse and Chimedza primary schools respectively.

Dear Edgars,
On behalf of Mamutse Primary School staff, pupils, School Development Committee and the community at large, I would like to convey our sincere gratitude to your company for this great plough back to the Mamutse community through your customer Judith Makaya. By the way, it is not only the Mamutse community that you have helped but Masvingo and Zimbabwe at large. The school received materials worth $5 000 that were used to complete the ECD block and a teacher’s house which is under construction. The completion of the ECD block brought great joy to the children in ECD particularly because they had to share classrooms with their elder schoolmates. This new classroom means that pupils are now sheltered and protected from harsh weather conditions. This enhances access to education, making the students enjoy their learning environment. This donation came as a great relief to all the parents under the harsh economic conditions prevailing in the country. The construction of an extra house reduces sharing among teachers. In view of the above, this donation will go a long way in improving and sustaining a high quality of education for Mamutse community. 

Thank you


When Ms Mutiki won $300 through the Cash Challenge, Chimedza Primary School was in for a treat as she chose the school to benefit tenfold her prize money. The school embarked on a project to increase the number of staff quarters which were affecting the living conditions of the teaching staff.

The school development convened and came up with an F14 teachers’ house project. Ironically, this concurred with Ms Mutiki’s dream after confiding with the school admin and peers. This development was most welcome amongst the teaching staff who had to make do with single rooms, irrespective of their family size or marital status. Currently the school has three standard teachers’ houses against a staff compliment of fourteen teachers. At one time the school head had to use one of the school offices as alternative accommodation. A quotation of building materials equal to the prize money was raised through Halstead brothers in Masvingo, paid and supplied. With this prized and kind gesture from Edgars, all the school stakeholders are short of the exact words with which to express their gratitude. The donation has brought great relief to the meagre levies from pupils whose parents are not spared by the currently experienced national deflationary pressure. To this end, parents have volunteered to provide labour services towards the construction of the house. We salute you for your sincerity in social responsibility.



The Edgars Club will continue to invest in Education in particular through the rural communities. Thanks to you our valued customers, Edgars has been able to play a role in transforming lives. We salute you.


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