Embracing the Knottyness

17 May 2017

By Musa Bwanali

We’re fast approaching my favourite time of the year, winter! If you think the cold weather means you can’t still look up-to-the-minute, then you need read on. Dressing fashionably in this season becomes so easy because even if you get dressed in a rush you can still look dressed up. Not only is it easier to look more put together, but also all the trendy items are super comfy and cosy. Today, we’ll focus on knitwear, which has made a huge comeback this season. Knitwear allows you to put on fewer layers because it’s already so thick, and I particularly love that a knit piece can add a feminine touch to winter outfits. All those jerseys that your grandma knit for you and you’d stash at the bottom of your closet deserve a good wash because they’re going to make you stand out this winter.

Sweaters are far more playful fashion pieces than most people like to think. A sweater is a stylish way to layer up a blazer-pant look, while wearing a coloured or printed sweater on its own gives life to a noiseless tee and jeans outfit. This season, only the depth of your pocket will limit your choice. There are tight knit, loose knit, cropped knit, baggy knit and so many more variations! Throw a big, loose sweater over a dress or skirt to give your summery dresses a warm feel. Add a statement neckpiece to dress up your sweater or a long-sleeved button-down shirt underneath to create a preppy look. Keep it simple too – sometimes a knit sweater looks best with just skinny jeans and knee-high boots.

Cardigans are one of those things that every woman has in her closet. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and prints, but all cardigans are not created equal. Some cardigans are better for certain body types, and others are better for certain outfits. It can get a little confusing sometimes, but wearing the right cardigan for your body type and for your outfit is important.  The most common and classic style of cardigans is waist-length. It can add a wintery look to any outfit, while also ensuring you stay cosy and comfortable. Do wear cardies with fit and flare style dresses, or high waisted skirts. The hem of the cardigan should not go more than a few inches past the waist band of your dress or skirt, so keep that in mind when pairing them.

Beanies are great for keeping your ears warm while being useful for bad hair days. Just don’t forget to take it off when you get to the office. Rocking your beanie with your favourite puffer jacket is a classic look, but there are so many cute ways to wear a beanie. Dressing it up with some of your fancier pieces is a great way to achieve a mix-and-match style. Think beyond thick jackets and chunky boots and try your favourite beanie with heels, dresses and a fuzzy piece or two. You’ll be surprised by how almost anything works with your hat.

Knit scarves are great accessories to own because most of your body heat is stored in your neck. Usually thicker than regular scarves, they are super cute and soft.
Just a few pointers with regards to colours, textures and fit. Keep with the seasons colours – burgundy, grey, olive – and you won’t go wrong. When it comes to texture - ribbed, cabled, and waffle knit variations offer their own advantages, adding depth to plain ensembles and visual interest to monochromatic colour choices. With these tips and closet staples, every lady can be sure to stay warm and trendy this winter.

Keep simple. Keep it stylish.



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