22 March 2017

By Musa Bwanali

From time immemorial, fashion and beauty trends have arguably been defining characteristics of society and not only help enhance and embellish your own physical features, but they also help to distinguish exactly who you are. We've all seen trends come and go, like when your mom says "we used to wear that in my day" or the ones from your teens you remember first time round. It's happening faster than ever in fashion of late, with niche trends from the 70s and 80s coming back. There are some trends though that should have been left in the past that are now very much present. Ahhh, the world of fashion and beauty! And throughout time, there are some historical trends that have never gone out of style. So although fashion is constantly being manipulated and re-invented in new, interesting, and beautiful ways today, we still tend to sometimes borrow and recycle the looks from yesteryear (which explains the '80s revival we're currently experiencing!). This all makes sense, when you think about it, since fashion is not only created to express a sense of one's identity, but also for utility — and there's really only so much you can do when it comes to clothing the body. But there are some things that we've held onto tightly as a society throughout time — their popularity never seeming to fade. So let's take a look at four fashion and beauty trends that have never gone out of style and have remained fashionable generation after generation:

Crop Tops
In the 90s and early 00s, thanks to a handful of popstars like Britney Spears, crop tops became cool. So for those of us not up for showing off our stomachs on a day-to-day basis, this trend was a hard one to get on board with. Nevertheless it’s stuck around for a long time, with the latest trends coming through in varied lengths to accommodate all types of tummies out there.

Eye Liner
Eyeliner has been used since Ancient Egypt, when Egyptian men and women alike wore cosmetics that not only enhanced their features, but protected them from the harsh sun and desert environment. Back then, eyeliner was made from kohl (which contained lead; trading one danger for another, unfortunately). Luckily for us, we've managed to perfect the recipe for eyeliner: film formers, thickeners, and pigments (all lead-free!). But no matter what it was made out of, the human race has been lining its eyes with black since (quite literally) the beginning of civilization. Nowadays eyeliner is available in all colors one can think off, to add that edge to compliment one’s outfit.

Calling all 90s fashion fans - dungarees are back! This childhood staple has been resurrected in multiple styles for the new season, in classic stonewash denim and cute printed pinafore dresses. The high street is currently packed to the brim with different takes on the dungaree; from short cut to full length and in a mix of pretty patterns and prints.

Denim (customised denim jacket)
If you didn't have an oversize jean jacket covered in airbrushed art, pins, or patches in the '80s, you probably were doing something wrong. Cut to over two decades later, and bold denim is totally back. Whether you score a legit style from the '80s, or customized your own, make sure the denim's not too dark, and the cut is fairly large. It’s hot and its trendy and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

History tends to repeat itself—and the saying definitely holds true in the beauty and fashion world. So you have an item of clothing from back in the day that you’ve been wondering whether to keep or ditch my advice today is keep! You never know when it will be trending again.
Keep it simple. Keep it stylish.



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