15 March 2017

By Sharron Mungazi

“I have nothing to wear…,” a statement that many of us have said, at least once a week. That’s ok. In my 5 years of fashion blogging, I have learnt to master the art of fully utilising the basics in my closet. Basic fashion items means items of clothing that can be won differently, at different occasions and throughout all seasons. This could be a pair of denim jeans, a plain white top, a stylish blazer, or a good pair of stilettos. By mastering the art of wardrobe basics, it becomes easier for you to build your closet up and staying true to your style. To establish this, here are three things you may need to know when building your closet:

1. Clearing out the closet.
Updating and cleaning out your closet is a crucial part of knowing how to build a wardrobe. When you let go of things you don’t need or want anymore, all you have done is create room for new and even more items. Toss out or donate items that are worn out, outdated or no longer fit you anymore. Remember, nothing sets us back like holding on to things that we don’t need anymore. Replace items that show signs of being stretched out, torn or soiled.  Keep in mind that all of this doesn’t require a fortune, which brings me to the second point; buying your wardrobe staples at affordable prices. 

2. Buy The Basics at Affordable Prices.
Start with neutrals. Nothing is more important in fashion than getting value for your money. As a young woman, it is important for me to use my money wisely and most importantly without regret or feeling like I have wasted my hard earned money. Take for instance the plain white top, an important wardrobe staple. It can be styled in a million ways and still look different. The challenge is finding the right top with the perfect stretch material that won’t spoil easily. Buy one of good quality that will last for a while.

3. Be Open Minded and Experiment More.
How many of us have been feeling our minds clog when it comes to dressing up because we are stuck at recycling the same pieces of clothing? The rattle can be overcome by simply being open minded. Not everything you have in your closet is outdated, believe me. All you need is to be open minded, plan more and experiment more. This all goes back to defining your personal style. Be rooted in those aspects. Could you be a jeans and sneakers type of a girl? Or, maybe you are a jeans and jacket type of guy? Either way, experiment more. You ought to be willing to try new things. It could be that pair of ringed heels or maybe that bright coloured blazer, try it. Who knows how stylish it could turn out?  All it takes is for you to be opening minded. That’s all it takes. Experiment and research more and find the balance within your personal style.




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