The Misfit

28 February 2017

By Paul Bako
It is 2017 and you want to have a better fashion year than the last one. You didn’t rack up as many compliments as you would have liked and you are wondering what you can do differently this year to change that. A good place to start is addressing how well the clothes you wear fit you. Fitting is one of the most important aspects of fashion. Models, designers and tailors can attest to that fact. Designers and tailors always move around with measuring tape for this very reason. If the people who make the clothes that change trends and lives pay attention to fitting and size then you should too. That is why stores that deal exclusively in fashion have fitting or changing rooms with mirrors. The idea took that if you buy oversized clothes you can grow into them and save some money in the process is must be debunked. Fashion will never be cheap. It can be made cheaper with some adjustments and creativity but getting overly economical with fashion is a firm no! No one seems to mention the fact that saving in relation to fashion takes its toll on a person’s appearance. Clothes that are oversized do not make you look handsome or beautiful. They communicate neglect on the part of the wearer or look like borrowed items. Both of these instances do not bode well for your fashion statement. This is not to say that everything that is ‘too big’ looks terrible because there are some fashion articles that are meant to be oversized in order to make a particular fashion statement however, the agenda here is clothes that should fit but do not.
Another form of ill-fitting clothing that seems to be trending is the wearing of clothes that are obviously too small. Donning outfits that your body has outgrown is a major fashion crime. It is known that clothes are supposed to accentuate certain features of the body. For men, those features are the arms, chest and shoulders. If a clothing item is ill-fitting on the small side it highlights more than it should and that is not a good thing. An evident bulge from the top button of a shirt going all the way to the bottom clearly exposes the minuteness of the shirt in relation to its wearer. Most men wear these small clothes in order to look muscular but real masculinity is earned by working on the body, not manipulating fashion. To combat the scourge of the ill-fit:

1. Know your measurements- knowing the sizes you wear makes it easier for you to buy clothes that will bring out the best version of yourself. Know the size of shirts, pants, jackets and even shoes. It will also help you when someone else is shopping for you so that they do not buy clothes that will give you grief later.
2. Acquaint yourself with a tailor- even if you know your sizes some clothes just won’t fit. They could be too long or wide at some points. A tailor can help you adjust your clothes to make them perfect just for you so that they look tailor made. To some degree they will be and that is something to smile about.
3. Have your hand-me-downs adjusted- there are always going to be amazing clothes that will come to us as gifts or are passed down to us by loved ones. The odds of them fitting from the start are extremely slim. The tailor who adjusts your store bought clothes should also fashion your hand-me-downs for you. Properly tailored, they can even look better than new clothes.
Rebuke ill-fitting clothes this year and make the right type of fashion statement with clothes that define you. Own your Fashion.




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