20 February 2017

Tapered sweatpants called joggers are one of the hottest new trends in menswear. Jogging bottoms were originally made for people to exercise in. They are typically lightweight, comfortable, and made from soft cotton or polyester. In past years, wearing joggers out in public was one sure way of becoming a social pariah. Fortunately, over the last few years, a revolution in men’s fashion has taken place. Not only has it become acceptable to wear joggers in public, but fashionable too. With sportswear style gaining popularity in the world of fashion, so have joggers. They fit like a pair of slim sweatpants but are acceptable to wear in public and to most cool jobs. Not only will you find them in polyester and soft cotton, but in khaki and denim too. In the past, joggers would probably have been baggy and loose. Nowadays, to keep in line with trends, the best joggers you will see are tapered in the leg. The legs of the sweatpants, which feature elastic at the feet, are designed to fall just above the ankle. This makes them look great in a number of ways and in combination with other clothes. So, here’s some ideas on what to wear them with.

Dress to the occasion. There are grey joggers, black joggers, navy joggers, and ones with designs and prints. The latter should be the ones that are best reserved for wearing off-duty or not at all. Simple, mono-coloured joggers are typically the best for the office space, and will certainly draw the least attention to what's on your lower half.

Casual. One of the easiest ways to wear joggers is by pairing them with a clean, slim fit t-shirt and a light jacket. Ideal for summer, the fitted nature of the t-shirt will provide a nice contrast to the chunkier silhouette of the joggers. Mix with some boots, or a pair of trainers for an effortlessly casual ensemble.
Impress. Wondering how to look good in joggers? This is your look. Wear your best joggers with a crew neck t-shirt and a simple sweater over the top. In this case, it’s best to go with relatively slim fitted sweatpants, tapered sweatpants with cuffs or generally tight sweatpants as anything baggy will only distort your silhouette, leaving you looking very bottom heavy. Finish the look with a simple baseball cap and a pair of trainers for a quality go-to outfit.

Smart. While it’s never recommend to replace your smart trousers with a pair of joggers – for a smart casual setting they might just pass. Nothing but slim fit tracksuit bottoms will work in this scenario as anything baggier will completely throw off the cleaner look you’re going for. Wear a classic white shirt up top or even better, a long length shirt to really make a statement. Finish the outfit with a pair of clean, stylish trainers and you’re set!

Denim. Denim is everywhere and yes denim joggers are IT! Wear your denim joggers with a denim shirt for that double denim trend. For a more young and sporty look, layer a vest and a shirt.
Keep it Simple. Keep it Stylish.




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