Will you be my...?

8 February 2017

By Musa Bwanali

Dressing up for any date night can be absolute mayhem, so you can only imagine what happens around Valentine’s Day. One minute you're cruising through your closet, excited for a special evening, and the next, your room has been completely transformed — the once clean and clear floors are replaced by a mountain range of discarded clothing, and yet you've made no progress on what to wear, with T-minus 30 to spare. Let this stress be a thing of the past. Getting ready for such a romantic evening should be a walk in the park, a breeze, an absolute pleasure and definitely easy on the pocket (we just got out of January remember). To save you from the trouble of over-thinking and over-spending, we’ve come up with a short guide that will not only keep you sane but will have you feeling beautiful and exuding some good old-fashioned confidence.


Denim Lovers
You’re spending the most romantic holiday together, so chances are good he’s already into you. On your Valentine’s Day date, remind him why. Just because he likes you for who you are does not mean you should answer the door in worn-in jeans and your favourite tee. Dressing for Valentine's Day doesn't have to entail wearing red and pink and hearts – although it could, with an eye to minimalism. No, Valentine's Day style comes in many forms, and which suits you best depends on your style - or at least on the style you decide to go with for this night. Want to channel a romantic look? Add stripes, girlie prints and flowing, bohemian styles to your denim pieces and it will work work perfectly to create a romantic Valentine's look. To make it holiday-specific, throw in some red and pink accents, and maybe even a heart-shaped accessory for good measure.

Sexy, not Sleazy
If you’re going to a romantic dinner, your dress should work with the venue, both in form and function. You’ll be seated, so don’t wear anything too short — your legs might look sexy but the unflattering sound effect of peeling them off your chair is not. A knee-length hem is a safer bet. A too-tight bodice is another avoid since constriction-induced indigestion is sure to kill the mood. Empire waist silhouettes provide a little forgiveness if you stuff yourself with steak and soufflé. Fluid, jersey-knit fabrics are a better choice than textiles that wrinkle easily like silk or crinkle loudly like tulle. Follow these rules and you’ll be able to keep your mind on exchanging sweet nothings and gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Resist the urge to wear tight clothes if you want to look sexy. Your clothes should be fitted, but they shouldn’t look or feel tight. If you decide on skinny jeans, pair them with a loose top. Stop obsessing about size tags. If you’re a size 10, forget about trying to squeeze into a size 6, or even an 8.  Tight clothes make you look bigger. You need to wear things that skim your silhouette and have some stretch. Looking like a stuffed sausage is not sexy at any age.


Outside-the-Box Date
So you and him are not into the whole dinner date thing and will be doing something more active and fun for Valentines? No worry. You can still dress up for it. Anything involving an activity, and that includes mini golf, means jeans and walkable heels are a must. Dress them up with a set of standout earrings, a chic top, and a denim jacket for a smidge of edge. Maybe you’re just staying in and making a meal together, one of my all-time favourite things to do as a couple (don’t you dare roll your eyes at me). Keep it stylish with a pair of black jeans, stylish top and rose makeup screams adorable date night at home.

Keep it simple. Keep it stylish



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