Manama Primary School and Manyene (HolyCross) Secondary

experiences with the Edgars brand in the communities where we operate. The Cash Challenge competition is one initiative that has gained popularity with Club members and the community at large as it has resulted in the development of rural schools around the country. This notion of giving back to the community is an important part of our culture —and it’s an equally important part of our future.
Manyene (HolyCross) Secondary wrote to us after receiving donations worth $5000, thanks to one Cash Challenge winner. The school was able to realise its long cherished dream of providing the pupils, staff and surrounding community with piped, clean and consistent water supply. At a time when the country is experiencing droughts year after year, water has become a precious resource. The lack of piped water affected the pupils’ learning time and the students were prone to disease from drinking unsafe water. Now the school has a source of safe drinking water and is now able to fully utilise its garden that could only be used during the rainy season. 

“There is no way to fully express our gratitude for what you have done. You have transformed our lives and our community. We at Manyene will forever be indebted and inspired by your generosity. Thank you Edgars.” 

Manama Primary School in Gwanda also received donations to the tune of $5000 which came in the form of furniture. The head of the school wrote to us:

“Our school is very grateful for the donation which we channelled to purchasing furniture for the school. We will live to remember this donation from Edgars Stores. To be frank and fair to you our honourable one, we had no furniture in our ECD department and our offices. This challenge is now a thing of the past as we received over 100 chairs and desks.  Our classroom doors had been destroyed by ants and thanks to your generosity we now have steel doors. Our administration office has been transformed into a real 21st century working space. Thank you very much Edgars, may the Lord be with you in your everyday dealings.”

It is only because of our valued customers that we are able to bring such joy to the community. Thank you for your continued participation in the Cash Challenge.



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