18 January 2017

By Musa Bwanali

A good blazer is key in every lady’s wardrobe. Its versatility makes it so much more than an item of clothing that can be worn in a professional setting. While cardigans seem relaxed and jackets too bulky, blazers are just right. Whatever the weather, a blazer is most ideal as it looks classy even when layered. While blazers come in different sizes, colours and designs, the one key essential is the black blazer. A chic, timeless, and the ultimate go-to piece, it will upgrade just about any outfit, from a simple tee-shirt and jeans to stylish jumpsuits and dresses. The first rule to wearing the classic black blazer is that one must have the right cut, length and style to compliment your body type and personality. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, a black blazer will add a touch of sophistication and exudes class and maturity. While the black blazer has mostly been a feature in the workplace, it is actually adaptable to the street and other functions. Here’s a style guide to wearing your blazer for any profession.

Lady Boss

She always has the power look and usually suits up. But once in a while she like to dress up for the office.  Blazers are a good way to spice up a boring dress or to add pizzazz to your office dress. The best blazer is a fitted one that allows for sleeves and the black blazer can easily take you from day to night. For a formal occasion, a dress with a rich fabric and a classic cut paired with a black blazer will make you look more chic and stylish. Avoid cluttering your look with too many accessories.

The Junior Manager

She is tech-savvy and fashion forward. Her style is trendy, chic and appropriate for any scenario. Wearing a blazer and pants might not be a new phenomenon but how you match your clothes makes all the difference. Break the monotony of black and black by pairing your blazer with a pair of beige pants. For a look that’s still formal with a touch of fun, tuck in your well-fitted shirt and slip on some killer heels.

The P.A

She loves to look good. Every. Single. Day. You’d be amazed at what she can do in that floral. The easiest way to wear a floral print skirt to work is to combine it with a plain button-up shirt. If you are a bit conservative colour wise, a white button-up shirt it’s a great way to wear any floral print skirt to work. Keep your look sleek and sophisticated when wearing floral prints to work by adding your black blazer.

The Blogger

She defines fashion. Writes her own rules. For her, throwing on a suit in the morning is not an option. Pair your favourite pair of skinnies with a long white shirt and the black blazer for a polished urbane look. Break the monotone look with a pair of bright coloured shoes and a statement neckpiece.

The Girl-Next-Door

She is uber fun. She’s got that funky, cute and sweet look going on. Ride or die, she’s loyal. Add the black blazer to a shortall or jumpsuit for a stylish and adorable look. Throw in the sneakers for a laissez-faire, hip look that will keep you looking young forever.
Keep it simple. Keep it stylish.



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