4 January 2017

By Musa Bwanali

It’s back to the office this week, which means no more ripped jeans and shorts that had become the festive staple. Whether your office is casual and creative, or buttoned-up and sophisticated, the goal is always to dress stylish and work-appropriate. The best trick is to have a set of basics in your wardrobe that you can easily style from Monday through to Friday. As your closet will see trends come and go, there are some that have graduated into wardrobe essentials that will last forever. You can be rest assured that these key pieces will never go out of style or lose chic appeal.  They’re the building blocks to the perfect wardrobe. Today we focus on one classic must-have, the little black dress. Introduced by Coco Chanel in 1926 as a fashion item, the style was popularised by Audrey Hepburn in 1961. Over the years it has become a fact that one must own a little black dress that can be dressed up or down.


There’s no shame in viewing the New Year as the sartorial equivalent of a clean slate. In fact, we wholeheartedly encourage taking the first Monday of the year as an opportunity to shake up your workwear wardrobe. Rather than reach for the humdrum skirt-and-shirt combo, try amping things up a notch by way of a subtly curve-hugging LBD, blazer and pumps. The look is fresh, office-appropriate and totally classic.


The wet weather means there’s a bit of a chill and that’s why a chic duster with some print will keep you warm yet maintain the classy look. Dusters are light and airy, keeping you covered without stifling you. Try prints and bold colors for your dusters to add a bit of colour and life to your LBD.


Sighhhh. It’s only Wednesday? On the upside, at least, it’s halfway through the week, which means a prime opportunity to try our latest office style idea: black on black with a splash of red. Very few can pull of this look because black on black can easily look heavy and drab. It is important to note the type of material of the two items. You don’t want to be sweaty by 10am. The glam factor are your shoes so you have to go bold.


Most of the time, we get stuck on what to wear to work, particularly for Thursdays, as we ponder on what kind of look we want - serious look or a less-serious look. This is because Monday has created a standard which must be followed throughout the week, creating a confusing flow. When we think Thursday fashion, we think dressed-down, but still chic and elegant. Top it all off with a glam neck piece and get ready to climb that corporate ladder in style.


Casual Fridays are a reprieve, freedom from the tyranny of suits and on Fridays we wear DENIM. Yes, casual Fridays can include jeans if you remember these words to live by: chic, elegant, and professional. Adding a denim jacket to the LBD plus a pair of sneakers will achieve that look. This look can easily take you from the desk to drinks again as the weekend begins.

Keep it simple. Keep it stylish.



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