January Note

3 January 2017

Edgars Stores always strives to give back to the Zimbabwean community through various projects, one of which is the Club Cash Challenge. Winners of this competition are have the privilege of selecting a rural school that will benefit ten times the value of their individual winnings. This program has resulted in the development of a number of rural schools throughout the country.  Two schools wrote to us after having received donations from Edgars that upgraded the learning facilities for their students.

Gwarava Primary School in the Mberengwa district was selected by Gramma Shoko to receive a donation from Edgars as he had been picked as a Cash Challenge winner. The school had just received the good news that they were to benefit from the Rural Electrification Program but had failed to meet the requirements necessary for this project. The call from Edgars came just in time as expressed in the letter below:

“At the beginning of the school holidays, our Deputy Headmaster, Mr Lovemore Moyo, received a call from one Gramma Shoko who wanted to find out if Edgars had communicated with him. She then broke it to him that she had selected our school to receive a $2000 donation as part of her spoils from the Club Cash Challenge. When the call came through from Edgars, we were elated. Of the three projects suggested - roofing, furniture or electrification material - the school’s finance committee prioritised the electrification project. The Edgars team worked tirelessly and within a month we had received electrification material for two classrooms, one office and three of the houses occupied by the teachers. Edgars indeed came to the rescue. To date the two classrooms and the office have their electrification work complete. The staff houses have been fully wired and we are just waiting on ZESA to connect them to the power supply. We are grateful to Edgars for the timely donation. School morale is very high and this was reflected by the outstanding grades produced by the students this last term. We urge Edgars to continue with the good work that they started in our district. Gwarava is located at the border of Mberengwa and Mwenezi, making it the last and furthest schools to the south of the Midlands province. Development here has also been a struggle and a far-off dream but slowly and surely we are catching up with the rest of the country. We are indeed very grateful.”

April-May winner Ida Phiri chose Jekero Primary School in Chiredzi to share her extension of the prize. The school was in desperate need of a renovation as the school buildings were looking drab and dull. They received a donation of 28 x 20l buckets of paint that were used to repaint most of the classrooms, bringing a fresh and new look to the school.

The community is at the heart of all we do as Edgars Stores and we are happy when we can make a difference. We would like to thank our Club members for their continued participation in our competitions.




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