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27 December 2017

The Art of Fine Dining

By Marshall Malikula  There comes a time in every man’s life where one needs to pull all the stops to impress the Madame or business associates. Manners make a man and one should try by all means to avoid embarrassment.  There is nothing worse than someone with no sense of dining etiquette, whatsoever. Dinner is actually time to impress, one bad move could leave your reputation in tatters. It's not a question of affluence or upbringing, as most people would like to put it .The world is not so kind to ...
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13 December 2017

How to Shop for Christmas Without Losing Your Sanity

By Farirai Macheka In the spirit of Christmas not only do I get excitable and get into the festive mood, my Visa debit card and my mobile wallet get into overdrive as we embark on a shopping spree-that will leave us with January budget hangover! The holidays are a lot of fun but can be very stressful at the same time. It is the season of giving, which often means it is also the season of spending. Unfortunately the Christmas shopping season kicks off with a vengeance. Do you always find yourself ...
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6 December 2017

Impressing at your year-end do.

By Marshall Malikula Holiday season is fast approaching and most of you are planning and scheming on how to make a grand entrance at your end of year party. After putting ...
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21 November 2017

Black Friday Why Not?

By Farirai Macheka Sale!! Discounts!! Sale!! Are the words that I am well acquainted with. For shopaholics like me it’s grab and go shopping experience, without flinching or batting an eyelid. We all know that Black Friday isn’t cousins with Friday the 13th right? The countdown to Black Friday is like waiting for a lifetime, for that marriage proposal from your fiancée of fifteen decades. To some of us it`s like that well deserved thank you for being an amazing shopper. The shopping phenomenon has spread from the US and is ...
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14 November 2017

Four Hacks That Will Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

By Farirai Macheka We all love to smell good. When my signature scent runs out -I always have a   jaw dropping moment - how did we get here. Selective amnesia  rolls in, I  accidentally on purpose forget  that I used to wear the amazing perfume 365 days 24/7 and conveniently  remember  the bank breaking shopping experience and that one moment when my sister Tinotenda aka  Tino asked to wear my signature scent. Yes that`s reference point. There is always that one guest who makes you want to run for your fragrance's ...
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10 November 2017

About Lace dresses and all that OTHER jazz that goes with it

By Farirai Macheka   Lace is coming with a dash of seductive charm and graceful gesture. The lace dress has long been revered as the ultimate symbol of decadence, femininity and romance. ...
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10 November 2017

World Rhino Day celebrations

As part of Edgars CSR strategy, the business participates in environmental awareness initiatives. Of note for 2017, Edgars collaborated with The Matobo Rhino Trust and took part in the World ...
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1 November 2017

Fengshui guidelines on handbag buying

By Farirai Macheka From totes to clutches, I have a hard time choosing - all I know is that I got to have them all. We all have a weakness or two and mine happens to be a serious sweet tooth (and it won’t come loose) a glass (or two) of red wine, and fabulous designer handbags. Talk about confessions-of- a-chic-hobo! Rather it’s a fetishistic love of high end handbags that would probably require decades of counselling or psycho analysis to detox of them. It’s difficult not to crave a new handbag ...
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24 October 2017

Power Dressing- boys have swag and MEN have class

By Farirai Macheka Your clothes make a statement about you. Show me your closet and I will tell you who you are!!!! It’s true that we live in an era where ...
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17 October 2017

Evoke Your Inner Pin-Up Girl!

By Farirai Macheka My sister is the queen of façade, and a glimpse of her closet she is always grateful for her ‘bare necessities” (rolling my eyes). She is not alone when it comes to the “What should I wear?" infamous question we ask ourselves standing before our closets full of clothing.  Being a jeans lover, if I had a choice I would wear denim over any dress any day every day.  An ISO certified shopaholic my sister`s obsession with dresses convinced me that having a couple of dresses in your wardrobe is an absolute necessity. Dressing ...
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