28 December 2016

By Musa Bwanali

The most exciting season to dress up is summer, and with summer come the rains. While we’re singing praises for the much needed downpour, dressing up on a rainy day can be such a drag.  A big part of being “stylish” is dressing appropriate for the situation, and the weather. Since the weather is showing no signs of letting up for the week, here are some top tips on dressing your best, despite the wind and rain.

Weather report first. An easy way to “stand out from the crowd” on the streets is to simply check the daily weather forecast in the morning, be prepared and have a good piece of rainwear. This will make the rest of this guide easy to follow because you can prepare yourself for a rainy day. There is nothing as irritating as dragging around a big rainbow coloured umbrella in one hand while struggling to hold a fur coat io the other hand on a sunny day that started with a little bit of cloud cover. Make the effort to check a reliable weather forecast and be informed.

Layer, layer, layer.  When you start out in the morning, it may look like a hot day but as soon as the clouds gather and the strong breeze blows, you’ll definitely feel chilly and long for a jersey. Avoid this dilemma by layering light garments that can easily be removed when it’s hot and still keep you cosy when it gets wet and cold.

Dark Colours. As much as it is summer, which comes with all types of bright colours, you’re better off in dark colours when it rains. Put away the whites and pinks and opt for outfits in black, brown, grey or nude. This way, when water splashes around, the outfit will not get stained with mud splatters that will ruin your look for the day.

Yes, leather.  If ever you wanted to try out a leather skirt or a pair of pants, this is the best time to do so. Leather on a rainy day keeps the body cool as well as weather appropriate. The greatest advantage is that any stain can just be wiped off without any residue. BUT, only wear your leather when it’s actually cold or raining.

Socks and Scarves. These are not limited to the winter season. If you want to wear a short skirt or shorts, then a pair of stockings will protect your skin while complimenting your look. Since it is advisable to wear dark colours on rainy days, a colourful light scarf will add some colour and life to your outfit.

The right fabric.  Remember that guide to summer fabrics? Cotton is your friend during rainy days as it dries faster if you do get wet. Stay awaaaaaaay from silk as it retains water stains that remain as dark ugly patches when it dries. Low maintenance fabrics are the way to go.

Jellies and Wellies. Pack away your expensive leather footwear and go for those rubber shoes they call jellies and their more traditional associates, the wellingtons. These are just wipe and wear, making life a load easier. Jellies and wellies now come in all sorts of colours and designs which makes them fun to style as well.

No suede, no denim. Once wet, denim has a heavy, cold and hard feeling on your legs. Also, it takes forever to dry in the damp weather. Rather go for opaque tights and light jeggings if you cannot do dresses and skirts. Suede will be destroyed by the rain and even the most expensive protectant spray can only do so much. Just leave those suede boots in the closet on a rainy day.

Trench coats. This classic and unisex garment is a must have this rainy season. Not only will it serve you well as the rains pour, but it is multi seasonal investment. A lightweight trench coat will protect your clothes while keeping you in style. Belt it up for a flattering fit.

Keep Simple. Keep it Stylish.



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