Fashion likes Fitness

21 December 2016

By Paul Bako

When you feel good you look good. Fitness will take your fashion game to the next level and the beauty of it is you do not have to do much to achieve that goal, so grant your fashion a friend in fitness. Briefly imagine that fashion as you know it was a person. Even the loner seeks company once in a while. If fashion had a playmate, who would that playmate be? Fitness. It is something everybody knows but few talk about and even less can marry it to fashion.  Fashion depends on fitness. Fitness doesn’t mean doing hundreds of sit-ups or going to the gym five times a week. Today we will define fitness as feeling comfortable in your own body while also having control over it. What does that have to do with fashion? Everything. To balance elegantly on 6 inch heels takes a certain degree of fitness which is why some do not do it often and some do not do it at all. We also often hear gentlemen speak of wanting to gain a few kilos of muscle so that their jersey tops or V-neck t-shirts will sit on their shoulders in an attractive manner that will make any lady look twice. These two examples show just how well people know fitness relates to fashion. The best news is you do not need to make drastic lifestyle changes to reap the fashion benefits of fitness. A few effective ways to raise your fitness levels no matter your weight or gender are:

Deep Breathing- Abdominal and oblique muscles make up the core. They determine the flatness of the stomach. If they are well toned then crop-tops and pencil skirts really complement a lady’s figure. For gentlemen, going for a swim and wearing muscle tops that show abdominal definition will become a regular peacocking activity. To tone your abs without putting in too much work, dedicate 10 minutes of your day to breathing in and out deeply from your diaphragm while standing upright, arms raised and fingers interlaced. The increased oxygen supply coupled with the standing pose will burn fat and also encourage the release of endorphins which are the body’s feel good hormones. If this is done daily it will yield results within 2 weeks and your body will definitely thank you. Your wardrobe will too.

Exercise- There is one thing models all over the world have in common - they exercise regularly. Exercise coupled with a healthy diet allows one to shape the body of their dreams. Whether the idea is to gain or lose weight exercise helps. Skipping, yoga, dancing, swimming, running, sports, martial arts and weight lifting are just some examples of exercise methods you can partake in to get the figure you desire. No matter your current size or shape, there is a form of exercise that excites you and that will get you feeling good about yourself. All you have to do is identify it and try it. The greatest advantage of exercise is that it raises your confidence and fashion itself depends on confidence, so break a sweat today.

Diet- Eat all your meals before 6pm. It’s that simple. If you want to reduce your weight then you can reduce the amount of food you eat in one sitting and eat small meals throughout the day but no food after 6pm. The body must have finished digesting by the time you sleep otherwise the undigested food will go to all the wrong places. Eating before 6pm will ensure that full digestion takes place. You will wake up feeling light and ready for the day ahead while also making sure that your body does not feel bloated which affects your form especially when wearing tight fitting clothing.



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