Madlelenyoni & Samlodi Primary Schools

Rural schools in Zimbabwe have, over the past 2 years, benefitted immensely from the Club Cash Challenge donations. While the lucky individual winner walks away with a cash prize, the real impact of the competition is in the donations that are made to a rural school of the winner’s choice. These donations contribute to the development of the school in areas of infrastructure and equipment. Recently, we received letters from two schools that received donations thanks to the Club Cash Challenge. The winner of the Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 competition, Dumisani Ncube, chose Madlelenyoni Primary School in Bulawayo to share the spoils. The donation to the school was in the form of two printers, a desktop and 1023 bricks. In his letter to us, the head of the school, Mr L. Mpofu wrote:

“We only thought Edgars Stores serves as an outlet for clothes to the public, little did we know that they have children’s education at heart until we received this donation. We have seen it from action and not from hearsay. Thank you a million times.”

The donation eased the school administration’s challenges with typing, printing and photocopying. Producing material for examinations, learning aids as well as report for the students can now be done at cheaper cost. The bricks contributed to the on-going construction of a classroom block for the E.C.D classes, who have been making use of a cramped room in a teacher’s cottage.

Samlodi Primary School in Gwanda was picked by the Feb- March 2016 Competition winner, Nomalanga Rosilyn Sibanda. They received mash wire worth $2 178.00. Due to economic hardships, the school had been struggling to raise funds for a fence for the school. The Head Girl, Kwenziweyinkosi, gave a touching speech in appreciation:

“Stray animals used to just get in through every corner, some slept in and around our teachers houses, making noise and disturbing them even during the day. Now there is full security. We are now living in peace, especially the young E.C.D pupils who were the most vulnerable to rabbies from dog bites and the donkeys that could easily kick at them. We also had difficulties in implementing practical subjects like agriculture. Now we have started preparations for the school gardens to enhance the nutritional standards of the students and the community too. ”

The fencing brought a sense of security and pride to the school that had been plagued with vandalism and theft. For the students who once felt ashamed of their school, the fence revived their sense of pride as they now felt secure and beamed at the new development.

Such feedback is inspiring and Edgars would like to thank all its valued customers for participating in the Cash Challenge competitions. We will continue in our endeavors to develop rural school and communities because of you.



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