Fashion Crimes: Underwear

24 October 2016

Musa Bwanali

As I stood in line waiting to be served at a local supermarket the other day, I noticed a lady two queues down wearing a beautiful summer dress. The curious cat in me was hoping the queue would move a little faster so I would be able to compliment her and of course ask her where she bought the dress (you would have too, so please don’t judge me). With one more person in front of me, she was served, and as she walked toward our till I was half tempted to just call out to her. I decided to remain civil and watched her, hopefully not in a creepy way, as she made her way to the shop exit and that is when I saw it. That one thing that can ruin an entire outfit!! A glaring red bra band under her backless blue dress. She is one of the many people I have come across who have ruined a good outfit by wearing the wrong underwear. And it’s not just the ladies committing this despicable fashion crime, it’s the men as well. There is nothing attractive about a pair of red Manchester United boxers peeping out as he stoops to carry a heavy box for you. Let’s do away with this habit, and here’s how:

The belt was made to hold things together and without one, things will surely fall apart. Invest in a fitting belt, as they are made to waist measurements. Add a vest under your shirt to cover your boxers. Black or navy vests go well under light coloured shirts and white vests go with short-sleeved colour shirts, especially when you intend on leaving the shirt unbuttoned when it gets hot. Your colleagues ought to know which soccer team you support from the shirt you wear, not your boxers!


Summer has come and all that was hidden under the turtleneck in winter shall come to light. The wide range of dresses and tops available in this season with their interesting and alluring lengths, necklines and backs require a lady to have tact. Knowing the right lingerie to wear can make or break an outfit.
Firstly, wear the appropriate colour. There are bras of different colours and designs and the temptation when shopping is to buy something different and interesting. However, it is best to wear a bra that is close to the shade of your skin as this will make the bra less visible under sheer or thin fabric. Unless you are intentionally set on showing your lingerie through a light coloured blouse, dress or pair of pants, then avoid wearing bold colours and prints.
Secondly, wear the right size for the right occasion. You may have the colour right, but if the size is off it will ruin the outfit. Also, you have to match your lingerie to the activity. Sports bras may be unflattering but they provide the necessary space and support for physical activity. We are privileged to live at a time when straps and hooks have been made to match the lingerie to the clothing, so there is no excuse for a tacky bra showing under a backless top.
Follow these basic guidelines and people will be complimenting you, even from a queue in the shop.
Keep it Simple. Keep it Stylish.



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