Denims Are Forever

13 September 2016

No other garment is as widely embraced, worn and loved world over as denim. It may have started as the classic symbol of the American West but it has grown into a staple in the wardrobes of many around the globe. An observation made in the Vogue in 1971 on how “the blue denim look… is the uniform of the world, the way we all want to look when we’re feeling easy, moving fast—a way of life” still holds true today.  Be it a jean, jacket, skirt or any other product, the spirit of fashion lures the consumers to shop around for denims. Today we explore the evolution of denim, from its advent as a utilitarian cotton to how it has become a sophisticated centre-piece that has been showcased on runways worldwide and a favourite piece in my own wardrobe.

A brief History
Denim garments came into existence during the 18th century, a time when there was abundant production of cotton. They were originally manufactured for the industry sector because of their durability and comfort. During the 19th century the garment was popularized by Levi Strauss, whose brand, Levi, is a well known name in the world of denim. The 20th century brought jeans as a fad of pop culture and as denim became a popular craze of the teen age population, manufacturers utilized the situation by coming up with innovative designs like new colors, embroidery and patch works. During 60s and 70s Fashion shook the dust off of denim and made it what it is today: the fabric of our lives. The “Youthquake” of the 60s popularized denim as an expression of individuality. Jeans became cool as bell bottoms and hip hugger patterns became popular. During the 80s, denims started drawing attention of the fashion designers and new and glamorous patterns were created and were brought to lime light by popular models in commercials. In the 90s, denim became one of the most sought after garments and manufacturers came up with various innovative ideas of using denim fabric like poodle skirts, caps and handbags. Come the 2000s, denim was found in each and every home, worldwide.


Rocking denim today
Now that you have an appreciation of where denim has come from, think about how and why you wear it today. According to one fashion expert, jeans are the most personal thing you can wear as they wear to the body. They conform to the body in a way that matches even the most finely tailored clothes. And today, this is especially important for women because they pay more attention to the fit. Skinny, wide bottom, boyfriend or mommy jeans, jackets, skirts or jumpsuits, denims are trending today. They are affordable, look good worn as well as new, and they don't have to be washed often or ironed at all. From the yummy mummy to the dapper young man, the denim has survived as a clothing staple because of its ability to become anything to anyone. As it ages, denim reflects one’s life – the worn-knees from all times you ended up on your knees, the tattered hemlines that echo the paths that have been trod. Diamonds might shine but denims are forever.
Keep it simple, Keep it Stylish.

Musa Bwanali



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