Dressing for a Black Tie Event: Ladies Guide

6 September 2016

Following last week’s guide for the men, this week we look at how ladies ought to dress for a black tie event. Though the formalities of black tie events usually apply more to men than they do to ladies, this is no excuse to slip up and dress as you like. Besides, women have been known to fuss the most about what to wear. Basically, black tie dress code is usually for social functions that start after 6 p.m and are definitely fancy therefore it is very important to dress appropriately.

Gown or nah?
Since time immemorial, it has been customary for women to wear floor length gowns at black tie events. This is a formality that has been adapted from weddings and galas. However, times are constantly changing and although the rules stay, exceptions can be made. Cocktail dresses are acceptable in this instance, as long as you stick to the rich colors such as black, burgundy or grey. The color and the length of the cocktail dress are key as they make the difference between a formal look and casual one. You can also get away with a silk blouse and a full satin skirt. Just make sure your dress compliments your partner’s tux.


Always ensure when choosing an evening gown for a black tie event that you dress for your size and shape. A long, flowing gown will generally look great on taller women, whilst petite women tend to suit a 50s prom dress or something more fitted that cuts off at the knee.

Don't leave it to the night to think about your accessories. The right make-up, a pair of killer heels, sparkling necklace or bright red lip can transform any outfit. Keep the accessories classy – pearls, diamond – so that they complement the dress. Imagine what your favourite pair of spiky studs would do to that designer dress.

Keep it simple and stylish.





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