Branding The Passion

17 August 2016

Reading through biographies and profiles of people who have made it in the fashion world, the question that lingers is how did they do it? How many times have you asked yourself, how do I turn my passion into a business, a successful one for that matter? The greatest feeling one could ever experience is that of knowing, for certain, what one’s passion is. Defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm, passion is the driving force in one’s endeavors. However, there comes a time when passion is not enough. This a short guide on how to turn that passion into a business:

The very first step to take in business arena is that of defining, clearly, what is it is that you specialize in, what we will call a design field. There are several categories to pick from such as haute couture, ready-to-wear or fitness gear, and deciding on one narrows where to put much energy. This also helps you devote the right resources and form a foundation for the business. Create a vision board, a business plan, set a budget.

Be Multi-Skilled
It is of utmost importance as a designer to be well equipped with all the skills necessary in the design and production of your product. From drawing patterns, cutting the material and sewing it to make a masterpiece, a successful designer can handle any and every challenge. The ability to visualize and materialize a design contributes to the end product.

Improve Knowledge
While passion may fuel the business, it needs to be buttressed by knowledge. There are certain basics that one is expected to know and appreciate as a fashion designer, so the “I’m self-taught” excuse will not take you very far.  Take short courses or study towards a diploma or degree in fashion design as this will. Another route is to go through an apprenticeship or internship under experienced professionals. This hands-on training is doubly beneficial as you learn firsthand while you learn.

Brand Marketing
The advent of social media has provided affordable platforms on which to promote one’s brand. Facebook is the most popular platform in terms of reach and it allows for budget advertising from as little as $5. Thanks to these data bundles, almost everyone is on Facebook every day. So if you haven’t, open a page today. Another platform that is growing in popularity is Twitter. It’s most attractive feature is its 140 character limit so posts have to be like miniskirts: short and attractive, yet covering the essentials. Twitter has a feature that is called a hashtag, makes it easy to find and follow a particular trend. Pintrest and Instagram are the visual hubs. Use these platforms to push your brands

Set and maintain a standard of quality for your brand. Quality starts with the material that will be used for your product to the images that you use to sell your products and even expands to the way you communicate your brand. Invest in a professional shoot of your products, please DO NOT post bathroom selfies. Responding to inquiries politely and timely will go a long way in establishing a successful brand.

This guide is clearly not exhaustive because there is so much that can be done in the process of developing a passion into a brand. Be patient, it’s a processes, and continue to strive for excellence and who knows, your brand could be the next best thing! The sky in definitely not the limit.




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