Ramofu School

Ramofu School
P.O Box 135

On behalf of parents, teachers and pupils of ra off primary school, I would like to express our profound gratitude to you for donating three thousand dollars to our school. Of that amount, 2,600 was used to purchase 40 combined desks while $400 was channlelled towards the purchase of 6 soccer balls, 6 netball sand 4 volley balls. All in all 16 balls were purchased.

Using its own resources, Ramofu could have hardly afforded such a purchase. The school is situated in rural Zvishavane where the community is generally impoverished. We are a very small school with an enrollment of 170 pupils. If all pupils were to pay their levies of $20 per child per term (which is highly improbable), the school would operate on a termly  budget of a paltry $3,400. This amount is by far insufficient to meet the school's financial commitments. Your donation therefore could not have come at a better time. The school's furniture was in a state of disrepair and as such, some of the pupils were subjected to writing with their bellies on the floor.

We were also in quandary as to how we were going to avail decent sitting places for our Grade 7 candidates during examination time.
The school is counted among the best in Zvishavane district and indeed, the Midlands province, in sporting activities. Our boys' and girls' volleyball teams wee provincial champions in 2014. This feat was achieved albeit a shortage of resources. With your donation of sixteen balls at the school is earmarked to scale greater heights.

Let me thank you once again and promise you that we will jealously guard against the mishandling of cherished acquisition. May the bond between our school and your company be everlasting.

Thank you

Acting Head


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