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25 November 2015

Make-Up does not just enhance beauty, but it is there to help emphasise your greatest features. Proper use and knowledge of make-up can turn you into an instant beauty. The only problem is that many are not equipped with the proper tools and knowledge of beauty products and make-up.

As people we are different in skin complexion and character, and this is reflected in our make-up.

One needs to know the perfect shade for their skin colour. You can get a tutorial on the right shade or the best brand for your skin at any Edgars outlet, for example; they have different brands of make-up and beauty products for all types of skin. For those that are not sure of the number or name of their shades this comes in helpful because the ladies at Edgars help you with a make-up trial to establish the right shade for you.

There are a lot of brands to choose from- Clinique,  Zaron, Estee Lauder, Sleek and Black Opal , to name a few. These are brands that come with an entire range, from foundation, moisturisers and powder, to lipsticks and eye shadows. You can even be taught which brush to use to apply various products, such as your blush or your powder.

You do not need to only be savvy about make-up, but ensure you are up to speed on how to remove the make-up and replenish your skin and its pores. This knowledge is paramount for the good of your skin. Be aware of what ranges of products are available, from wipes to cleaners, and take note of how your skin reacts to them. Make-up and beauty products are not goods that you should ever consider buying from the street as you risk damaging your skin permanently- most of these products sold outside are exposed to the sun and other weather elements, and you can never guarantee what has been added to them!

Do not use a certain type or shade of make-up simply because a friend uses it; one size does not fit all! You see some ladies with a face that is light in complexion but the rest of their body is darker. Embrace your skin tone and pick make-up in your correct shade- this should be the exact colour as your skin complexion. Do ask the sales ladies to assist you; they are trained to know about all skin types and what works for certain skin types.

Finally, Summer is upon us and the heat can bring out unpleasant odours in people. Do yourself and others a favour by buying body products that will help keep you fresh and smelling nice.

Brands like Nivea come with a wide range of merchandise for both women and men, with affordable lotions and deodorants available. Weather changes have an effect on skin and you should seek assistance in-store, not only regarding which make-up brand to use but with all body beauty products.

This can be the difference between having ashy skin and healthy looking skin.

Empower yourself with knowledge and you will never go wrong with make-up or any other beauty product.


Emma Nxumalo is a fashion blogger from the City of Kings.
You can find her on her popular blog, as well as on Twitter, @EmmaNxumalo.



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