Gogo Nkiwane

5 November 2015

On 26th September 2014, Edgars was able to successfully conclude a Corporate Social Responsibility project undertaken to positively impact the lives of vulnerable members of our communities. Gogo Nkiwane, an elderly woman who had been caring for ten of her orphaned grandchildren under very harsh conditions on the streets of Gweru for years, was given the keys to a house that she can call her own. In a true example of partnerships that change lives, Edgars, along with local suppliers and supporters, was able to build a house for Gogo Nkiwane, from foundation to roof.
Gogo Nkiwane's story is one of perseverance and resilience, as she struggled to provide the minimum housing for her grandchildren for a long time. "I was living in a box," she emphasises. Through her Methodist Church, Midlands State University students would collect donations to help Gogo Nkiwane pay her rent. As her plight continued, she began to be known within the community, and she appealed to the Town Council for assistance. Things began to look up for  her and her grandchildren when Governor Machaya of Gweru donated a stand to her in Woodlands Park, Gweru.
Receiving the stand was just the beginning of the journey. Gogo Nkiwane approached the Gweru District Attorney's office with a letter appealing for support in erecting a shelter on her stand. She was given a few dollars and advised to photocopy this letter and distribute it. She did just that, distributing the letter first in shops in town, then in churches. Knowing of her situation, the Director of Housing and Community Services in Gweru, who had been assisting Gogo Nkiwane with rent and mealie meal, communicated with Edgars regarding her situation.
At this point, Edgars met with Gogo Nkiwane to learn more about her story. Various suppliers stepped in to partner with Edgars and donate support and materials, and a three-bedroom house was built. Gogo Nkiwane was emotional as she was shown around her new property, with members of the community and Gweru City Council present. "Above all, I thank God, who has looked after me for all these years," she stated. "I would also like to thank everyone who made this possible. I now have my own things. I have come out of a box like a tin of fish," she joked. Her grandchildren were also present at the handover, and expressed their gratitude at what proved to be a truly touching ceremony.
Edgars would like to thank the following partners for their support in this project:

• Silo   
• Concrete Deals
• Pump & Steal Suppliers
• Turnall Fibre cement
• Tile and carpet
• C H Naake
• Church- Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints
• Tiles Warehouse
• Halsted Brothers
• Davis Granite/ Premier Stones
• Bathroom Boutique
• Hon. Minister J Machaya
• Radar Metal Industries
• Glenrand MIB Insurance

Gogo Nkiwane sharing her story

Gogo Nkiwane's completed house in Woodlands Park, Gweru

Gogo Nkiwane, her grandchildren, Gweru Town Officials and Edgars Staff and Partners



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