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14 October 2015

By Tendai Kamusikiri

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it” – Yves Saint Laurent

It’s a cardinal rule that every woman should at have an ample amount of dresses in her closet: 5 at the most, in varying prints, sizes and silhouettes. We all know the undisputable rule of the Little Black Dress (LBD) that transcends time and space; perfect for the office, cocktail hour, dinner party or even a wedding. Dresses are a timeless closet essential as they carry an air of femininity; one that is both attractive and enduring.

With Spring in full swing, and Harare eagerly waiting for full blown Summer! We cannot help but anticipate outdoor braais, brunches, parties and of course the occasional girls’ get together. With Edgars' exciting Spring/Summer 2015 range, there is nothing short of Summer fun with their assorted range of Summer dresses, fit for any occasion. Our top 5 picks are as follows:

The Denim Shirt Dress
Denim is always a casual favourite, either as a pair of jeans or a denim shirt. Channelling the denim shirt dress under the Kelso & Free2BU ranges is perfect for the urban fashion lover. Style the dress to a street wear persona either cinched in at the waist with a bold belt, or laid back with black leggings. The denim shirt dress is versatile and easy to wear but still carries a stylish identity.
The Little Black Dress (LBD)
Undoubtedly a staple for the modern woman, and unmistakeably chic! The LBD can has graced the fashion pages for decades and will be around for even more decades to come! Nothing is more daring than a perfect little black dress in the right size; one that captures the essence of a woman’s silhouette and confidence. The Kelso LBD epitomises both the office and happy hour with lace detailing that is both modern and classy.

Printed Shift Dress
We can’t help but capture the essence of fun, light and easy breezy when it comes to the Kelso Casual Monochrome Shift dress, which has comfort written all over it! Perfect for a sunny day out (and even more daring for a festival); this little frock does not disappoint but is simply oh-so-perfect!

The Little White Dress
The little white dress has become the unconventional basic. Forget weddings and church events reserved strictly for white, but bring it out to the modern up-tempo of crisp clean whites, that have moved from being conservative and reserved to actually being contemporary and chic. The Kelso LWD has a bonus factor for its incorporation of crotchet (which could be viewed as a lace overlay by some), but it sets it above from just being a plain white dress.

Stripes and Prints!
Nothing can complete a closet better than a good investment in stripes and print! Both are equally versatile and both are equally flattering to a woman’s body (if chosen according to the right structure and fit). Stripes and print are perfect to add a little more colour to your everyday look and to also create balance with bolder pieces at your disposal. The Kelso S/S 2015 range gives you horizontal stripes and graphic print dresses that are for any age but perfect to incorporate into work wear.
So this Summer 2015 the options are endless when it comes to choosing a dress for each day of the week and with a variety of styles to select from. Edgars Stores Zimbabwe gives the modern woman both classy and contemporary options in an array of bold prints, basic hues and casual street style!

Tailored for Men

Gone are the days where men had to wear oversized suits. The norm has usually been ill-fitting and somewhat baggy clothing in the 2000s, which does no justice to your appearance whatsoever. Edgars’ range of men's slim-fit suits under the D66 label cater to the modern gentleman who wants function-ability and suitability in his clothing. Comfort is not compromised as slim fit is of the notion that it is tailored to your body, without the excess fabric or bunching which can make one look overdressed or underdressed in a suit. Regular Fit however is the fit that most men grew up on, it fits but has a little extra room that could be mistaken for bagginess. The regular fit caters for the broader and well-built gentleman who requires more room for movement in the shoulders and joints of a suit jacket, as well as in the length of his trouser pant. Now, tailoring has to be particularly precise on a suit, as it can be a long time investment for a gentleman or leave a long-lasting impression. The regular fit Edgars range is the traditional Signature and Charter Club brand, for the mature and refined gentlemen, regardless of age or profession.

Investing in the right suit requires patience and reflection on one’s lifestyle. A black suit is best advised as it is a basic colour, works for any occasion and, if properly taken care of, can be an investment in the long run. Match your suit with the classic black tie or a bowtie, if you wish to be more spontaneous with your look. And a good pair of men’s black shoes never ceases to go out of style!

Tendai Kamusikiri is a Fashion Blogger and Editor for the Harare based style blog; “Signature Toscie”. You can contact her via the following social media platforms:
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