Edgars Stores Partners with 3i-Infotech

8 April 2015

Edgars select 3i Infotech’s Orion ERP to enhance the Business Operations

3i Infotech, a global technology solutions and services provider, celebrates one of their biggest wins in Zimbabwe with Edgars Stores Limited joining their long list of satisfied customers. Edgars Stores Limited is the largest fashion retailer in Zimbabwe with 53 stores.

Being a large retail group with multiple outlets spread across different locations, Edgars faced operational challenges of data visibility and group data consolidation. The dependency on their Legacy systems was one of the biggest challenges resulting in cumbersome operations cumbersome, signified by lots of manual work, limiting business service capacity and, potentially, growth. This resulted in the need for a state-of-the-art ERP solution.

Commenting on their prestigious win, Mr. Ashish Dass, President: Middle East & Africa for 3i Infotech, said “Edgars is a growth-oriented and technology-savvy company that acknowledges the importance of strategic IT solutions infrastructure as a driver for businesses. Our team worked closely with Edgars' various departments understanding their pain areas and the challenges they face in their day to day operations. This advisory approach helped us understand what will help Edgars and facilitate the changeover, and ultimately their growth.”

“We believe that with Orion, Edgars will not only be able to consolidate and streamline their operations but will be ahead of their competition when armed with the right information at the right time,” Dass added.

“This is one of the most prominent business entries into Zimbabwe and Southern Africa for Orion.  Orion has been a success story for the last 20 years across the Middle East and Africa, with over 700 customers, where it has enabled Mid-market and enterprise businesses to grow. Having entered Zimbabwe with a big name like Edgars makes our belief in Orion even stronger.” said Babak Kobari, Vice President of Sales at 3i Infotech, who played an integral role in acquiring this partnership.

3i Infotech will be providing ‘Edgars Stores Limited ’with their recently launched suite Orion 10.7, offering Financial Management and Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Retail management, Warehouse management & Human Capital Management.

“Edgars is  Zimbabwe’s market leader in the retail clothing sector offering competitively-priced fashion merchandise, without compromising quality. Our vision is to offer quality, value and superior customer service in world-class environments, and we are certain that incorporating these advanced technological solutions will add more value to the business, which will be passed onto our customers- our biggest asset. It brings us great pleasure to partner with a provider who understands our business objectives,” said Linda Masterson, Group CEO of Edgars Stores Limited.

“It was the positive feedback from 3i-Infotech’s existing customers, including E-max and Shankar Trading, that reinforced the strategic decision of implementing Orion,” Ms Masterson added.

Through implementation of Orion, Edgars is set on the path of strategic growth with streamlined operations by substantially reducing manual input, processing and accessibility of data throughout its wide branch network.



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