Understanding the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan

16 January 2015

The socioeconomic environment unfolding in Zimbabwe is now calling for institutions that are responsive, innovative and customer-focused. It is through this realisation that Edgars Stores and Eagle Insurance have come together to offer the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan. This is the newest product of its kind on the Zimbabwean insurance market, and it provides exciting opportunities for Edgars customers to enjoy services that add value to joining the Edgars Club. The Edgars Club was re-launched in April this year and is a loyalty program open to Edgars account holders, packed with a plethora of value added benefits- one of them being the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan. All Edgars Club members enjoy tremendous benefits should they be hospitalised whilst their membership is current.  It is important to note that this is not a medical aid product but a plan which pays out cash should you be hospitalised for more than 48 hours. How you use the money therefore remains entirely up to you. 

Rumbie Dzimba, Edgars Marketing Executive, gives more insight into the product:

The Edgars Hospital Cash Plan is a cover which affords the insured or any of their dependents a cash payout in the event that they are hospitalised. In our quest to cover all our clients effectively, we have made this product as simple as possible. The following are its main features:

• It pays out $100 to adults and $50 to children for each day that you are hospitalised for more than 48 hours.
• The maximum payout per claim is $3 000.00 per event and $6 000.00 per year.
• An Edgars Account debt relief or credit of $200 for hospitalisation for 7 days and above (only limited to the principal policy holder).
• 100% debt relief of the whole amount outstanding if the principal account holder passes on.
• These features apply to any hospital in Zimbabwe.
• There is a waiting period of 3 months for illness, but cover due to an accident is immediate.
• Hospitalisation can be due to any type of disease and there are no medicals required prior to joining.
• Unlike funeral policies, with the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan you stand to benefit over and over again provided the limits are not exhausted.
• Unlike funeral policies which never benefit the insured alive, the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan benefits both the insured and their relatives while they are still alive.
• The Hospital Cash Plan is not a medical aid product.
• HOW YOU USE THE MONEY IS YOUR CHOICE e.g. groceries, medical shortfalls, transport, fees etc.

The Edgars Club now offers more and more benefits to its members and, as Edgars Stores, we continue to listen to our customers and tailor-make products and programmes that give real value at affordable prices.



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