Edgars Hospital Cash Plan Testimonial- Brian Tonga

23 December 2014

Brian Tonga and his family had come home to spend the Heroes holiday from Chirumhanzu where his wife works on the 8th of August last year, when the unexpected happened. As it was rather cold, the family had to heat bath water so that they could bath before going to sleep. They ate rice while the bath water was heating up (in a 20 litre bucket with a fixed heating element at the bottom) in the spare bedroom. Brian and his wife were the first to finish their meal, and had cleared everything from the table including water to wash their hands. Mrs Tonga and her daughter were supposed to bath first, and Brian would be last. He took their bath water to the bathroom and left some for himself in the bucket. Both buckets were of the same size, and water had boiled in the bucket. All was left was for Brian's daughter to finish eating, so she and her mother could take their bath.

When Brian's daughter finished eating, she did not find water to wash her hands as she is used to, so she went looking for water silently. When she saw water in the bucket which Brian had left so that he could bath after them, she just dipped both her hands into the boiling water at once with the intention of washing her hands. Mr and Mrs Tonga heard her scream, and both rushed to investigate. Mrs Tonga was first to arrive, suspecting what had happened, and she called for cold water. Brian just took the baby, rushed to the sink, and opened the tap to pour water on his daughter, not knowing where exactly she was burnt. After a few minutes, Brian and his wife took their daughter to Mimosa Clinic, where she was treated and discharged, to return for further treatment in the morning. The baby never slept that evening, crying. She had blisters on both hands and an ambulance was called to take the family to Zvishavane District Hospital on the 9th of August 2014 around 9 am. It was a weekend, and the doctor was not in attendance over the weekend. Brian held his daughter as they deblistered her to treat her, and he stayed in hospital from the 9th of August to the 28th of August.

The Edgars Hospital Cash Plan helped the Tonga family to cover expenses and to balance their finances since they had the burden of paying for medication during their child's hospitalisation. Brian wanted to really create a healing environment and provide for all of his family's needs during his daughter's hospitalisation, including food and so on. "With wife and child in hospital for nearly a month, surely I would recommend the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan to everybody who cares to listen," Brian emphasised. The Edgars Hospital Cash Plan is there for Edgars Club members in case of accidents such as these, which are never expected and can devastate a family financially. It is a product that continues to support families across Zimbabwe who face hospitalisation, and Edgars is proud to be able to serve its customers in this way.


Photo: Brian Tonga, his wife, and daughter after her release from hospital.



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