Edgars Hospital Cash Plan Testimonial: Margaret Midzi

10 December 2014

Margaret Midzi is a Hospital Cash Plan claimant and customer from Gweru.

E: Why did you join the Edgars Club?
MM: There are many benefits that are derived from being a member of The Club. Among these benefits is the Hospital Cash Plan that assists members in times of illness.

E: Did the EHCP mitigate your expenses?
MM: Yes it went a long way in mitigating my expenses- I am very grateful to The Club. I have medical aid, and the EHCP complements it to a high degree. Some medical cases require the attention of specialist doctors who accordingly charge fees above those of General Practitioners. I would rate the EHCP as being good.

E: How long after being hospitalised, did you receive your benefits?
MM: I received my benefits two weeks from the day I was discharged.

E: How did your family and friends feel about you benefitting from the EHCP?
MM: They described the benefits as being comprehensive and were proud of Edgars.

E: As a loyal Edgars customer, how do you rate The Club after having received the benefits?
MM: My loyalty to The Edgars Club will always remain unquestionable because of the assistance it renders to members in times of need.

E: Do you have any other general comments about The Club
MM: I would like to commend Edgars Stores; the Hospital Cash Plan is a well thought-out insurance scheme which should be joined by all Edgars customers. Lastly, let me also thank the Edgars management and employees for their friendly and caring attitude to their customers.



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