Edgars Hospital Cash Plan Testimonial: J Muponda

3 October 2014

J Muponda is a Hospital Cash Plan claimant and customer from Rusape.

EC:Can you tell us what happened , which led you to your hospitalization? 
JM: My hospitalization was as a result of a car accident which occurred at a railway crossing with a goods train on the 9th of April 2014.

EC: Who informed your branch of your hospitalization? 
JM: My dear wife informed the branch manager after having gone through the Club Magazine

EC: Which is your Edgars branch? 
JM: Rusape Edgars Branch

EC: How was the money received able to help you?
JM: Indeed the money was so very helpful in that I had substantial hospital bills to clear.

EC: Have you been able to tell your friends or relatives how the HCP helped you? 
JM: YES! I have been able to tell all my friends about this timeous gesture.

EC: Have you found the HCP valuable in your situation?
JM: Yes, I did.

EC:When did you join the Club (or how long have been an Edgars  customer)?
JM:  Since its coming back, and I was also a Club Member in the Zim dollar era- you know what, my wife even won then! (laughs)

EC: How are you feeling now?
JM: I am feeling much better, but I was informed that I will be operated on again in a year or two.

EC: Do you have anything else you want us to know?
JM:  Yes I want to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to Edgars Stores for the timeous intervention. Many thanks.



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