Edgars Hospital Cash Plan Testimonial- Mr Kanyoka

20 August 2014

Hospital Cash Plan Testimonial

On the 6th of June, an unexpected event took place along the Chinhoyi-Mhangura highway. A tragic traffic accident involving a loyal Edgars customer and his staff occurred as they were returning to their place of employment in Mhangura.

In that unfortunate incident, our customer lost his wife and he suffered from fractured legs. Mr Kanyoka was hospitalized at Chinhoyi General Hospital for 31 days. It was a period of intense pain and treatment as he struggled emotionally to come to terms with his wife’s passing as well as nursed his wounds.

His relatives informed the Chinhoyi Branch, where he holds an account, and his Branch Manager Mr Masora immediately went to visit him whilst he was in hospital. Mr Kanyoka was discharged from the hospital after a grueling stay of 31 days. This made him eligible to a payout of just over $2,900.00  covering the 29 days he was hospitalized. On top of this, after 7 days of being in hospital Mr Kanyoka’s account was credited with $200 to ease the period of loss of income he went through during hospitalization.

Rumbie Dzimba – Edgars Marketing Executive, and Charles Dzvangah – Edgars Operations Executive North, visited Mr Kanyoka at his brother’s Hatfield home to pay condolences on behalf of Edgars as well as to wish him a speedy recovery. In his own words, “I am truly appreciative of the Edgars Hospital Cash Plan, which has come in to assist at this time of need. The staff at Edgars has been compassionate to me and my family; this has shown me that I am more than just a customer but part of the Edgars Family. I am fortunate to have signed up for The Hospital Cash Plan and The Club.”

We wish Mr Kanyoka a speedy recovery as he is currently still on crutches. As much as the payout he received will not cover for the loss of his wife, it does go a long way in compensating for any monies he lost out during his hospitalization.



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